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  • 1.  Emails not getting delivered

    Posted 01-23-2023 17:10
    Hey all,
    I am trying to send "Mobile App Invitation" emails to my Registered Accepted Attendee List to invite them to download our AttendeeHub Mobile App. The email is set to be delivered to over 800 people all at the same email domain (I'm running an internal Company event so we all have the same email domain). I even had my IT team whitelist the Cvent email IP Addresses, and the Cvent external send email domain.

    However, when I go to send the email to 5-6 testers to make sure they get the email, the "Email Details" report shows me it "Sent". However, no one on my team receives the email. Not to inbox, SPAM, it's nowhere to be found. Any insights on what could possibly be happening? How to fix or mitigate this? I need these folks to be able to get this email to download the App so I don't have 800 of them coming up to me at the event asking how to get logged in. 

    Any advice or tips/tricks would be appreciated. I have Cvent Support on this as well, but wondering if anyone else has already experienced and have some tricks. Thanks!

    Nicole Voltz
    Marketing Operations Manager
    GuidePoint SecurityUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Emails not getting delivered

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-26-2023 11:28
    Hi Nicole,

    If you have already had your IT team whitelist our IP Address, you may need to further configure some email deliverability options in order for your attendees to receive emails. I would recommend sending your IT team the article below on DKIM signing and if they want to proceed, our Customer Care team can help set this up for you. We have seen in almost all cases, setting this up helps with email deliverability.

    Thank you!

    Erica Wise
    Senior Client Success Manager

  • 3.  RE: Emails not getting delivered

    User Group Member
    Posted 02-01-2023 08:13
    Do you have an 'others' folder set up within your outlook?  We find the majority of cvent emails hit our internal employees others folder.

    Amy Lum
    Senior Systems and Tools Specialist
    Boston Scientific CorporationUnited States