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Event Trends for 2023

  • 1.  Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-12-2022 11:06
    Edited by Megan Clark 12-12-2022 11:20
    Happy Monday! We are ready to start the week off with our Huddle of the Week post!

    Events are always adapting and improving. The past few years we have seen a lot of changes affecting the event landscape. Moving forward we always want to know what we should expect. Some trends in the event landscape seem to stick around, while others seem to evolve and change. As we approach the new year, we are curious to see what the events industry has in store so everyone can be prepared for what is to come.

    Question for you:

    • What are some trends that you see for events in 2023?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below!


    Megan Clark
    Assistant Team Lead, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-14-2022 12:27
    What are some trends that you see for events in 2023?
    Interested in what new trends will be popular in 2023

    Jonathan stanaj
    United Federation of TeachersUnited States

  • 3.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-14-2022 13:43
    With a return to events but people still having tight company budgets and limited travel a focus on event trend is going to be creating a real immersive experience-first event. You need more than just basic sessions to draw people to your event. While it began emerging just before COVID i think a strong focus on event technology from registration through attendance through VR headsets and other thing to help create that immersive experience. I also see from my management team that as we moved some events online during covid, while there's a strong desire to return to in-person we don't want to miss out on those people we reached during virtual so a move to more hybrid, engaging content.


  • 4.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-14-2022 14:55
    More "choose your own adventure" experiences at conferences/conventions. Also, in the past we asked attendees to "put your phones away." Now, we say "pull out your phones" take a poll, message another attendee, network via an app.

    Hallie Loeb, HMCC
    Event Operations
    CDW United States

  • 5.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-14-2022 16:13
    • What are some trends that you see for events in 2023?  Creative non-traditional meeting space.  Requesting windows, outdoor space and casual seating options. 

    Colleen Beck
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    The Westin Tampa Bay

  • 6.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-15-2022 09:36
    • What are some trends that you see for events in 2023? More flexible events that work with attendee's schedules. Staying away from long, drawn-out ballroom sessions in lieu of impromptu presentations held in networking areas, exhibit halls, etc. 

    Rebecca Quinn
    Corporate Events Manager
    Uber Freight US LLCUnited States

  • 7.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-15-2022 09:37
    • What are some trends that you see for events in 2023?
    I'll say this, F&B budgets are going to be sky high. We have an upcoming event where we planned on an increase of 15% over last year. Instead F&B has gone up 65%.. I wonder if the event industry can sustain the increases?

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America

  • 8.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-15-2022 09:49
    We are seeing a lot of requests to get out of the ballrooms and explore the city in which we are hosting the event. This may be difficult to do with higher F&B minimums, but getting people out of the ballroom and to an offsite restaurant or activity is more inviting especially after not being able to travel over the last few years due to covid. People want to do more activities to break up the content.

    Vicki Clancy
    Event Coordinator
    CDWUnited States

  • 9.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-16-2022 09:17
    Non-traditional venues and setup, more integration of technology, and (hopefully) continued emphasis on health and safety protocols

    Bouran Qaddumi
    Sr. Manager, Training
    Church's Chicken

  • 10.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-16-2022 10:45
    I first trend will be networking (continued from this year) as people still want to meet in person and catch up with those they didn't get to see for an extended period of time. The other is wellness. Travelers are focusing more on balance and wellness when they are on the road (and even when they are in their office) and are taking a more active role in their health.

    Gina Allega, CMP
    Senior Program Manager
    BCD M&E

  • 11.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-16-2022 11:28
    I'm excited to see in-person events really coming back. Other than that, I haven't seen any trends, but can't wait to see what 2023 brings to the industry.

    Lori Wildman
    Marketing Director
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.United States

  • 12.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-19-2022 13:01
    The group recovery has largely been driven by smaller parameter, corporate group business. Larger peak group leads are becoming more frequent however bookings are largely smaller groups. Shorter term booking window trend continues. International attendance still down and impacting pick up for larger citywide conventions.

    Jacques Chargois
    Senior Director, Sales Operations
    Los Angeles Tourism & Convention BoardUnited States

  • 13.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-23-2022 09:21
    Edited by Beth Vriesen 12-23-2022 09:21
    • What are some trends that you see for events in 2023? Sadly F&B costs have gone up, as well as travel. So we've started having smaller meetings more within a region to alleviate some costs. We've also started using unique venues and getting more creative on where to meet - suites at games, outdoor spaces at ball parks etc. We are also trying to tie in more social and give back events within our meetings. People just want to be together and meet, after a few years of being away.

    Beth Vriesen
    Events Technology Administrator
    Associated Bank Corporation

  • 14.  RE: Event Trends for 2023

    Posted 12-27-2022 03:09
    Here in Japan, I foresee a higher amount of foreign business being carried out in 2023 now that Covid restrictions are almost down to zero and that the yen is weak compared to other major currencies. However, this could all change since China is now with a new bout of Covid infections, which could make Japan beef up its restrictions yet again. Additionally, Japan's many years'-long deflation period is to be supposedly reevaluated starting in April, which could start the yen to rise. So there you have it-- more and more foreign business to be had here in Japan only if government policies don't make things take a 180.

    Matt Payne
    Dojima River ForumJapan