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  • 1.  Exporting Data to Excel

    Posted 02-19-2024 15:13

    Hi, all. I'm trying to export participant data into Excel, but for some reason, not all the data fields are exporting. Names and contact information are going, but not certain question boxes that the participants filled out. Can anyone help?


    Darrin Hammer
    Assistant Director
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  • 2.  RE: Exporting Data to Excel

    Posted 02-20-2024 08:28

    Does your report show the data on screen before you export it? If not, you will have to add the fields by changing the data. 

    Another easy mistake is if the fields you are asking on registration are not the actual fields. I would hover over your registration fields and see what they are called or look at the question titles. Another easy mistake is if you aren't sharing questions you may need to grab multiple questions to cover the fields across all paths.

    Amy Lum
    Snr System and Tools Spec
    Boston Scientific CorporationUnited States

  • 3.  RE: Exporting Data to Excel

    Posted 02-21-2024 09:58

    One thought is if you are using "general questions",  make sure in the question settings area you fill in the Reporting field.  (This is the question text that will be displayed in reports. You can enter an abbreviated version of the actual question to save space.)

    The data field will be an option to choose on the report. 

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