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    Posted 09-07-2022 09:24
    Hi everyone,

    I am creating a training video series for our Events Management Team and learning all kinds of new stuff.  Cvent is robust with lots of settings and there are different ways to accomplish the same objective. Sharing what we all discover and use is a great way to learn the platform!

    Here's my tip which saves a lot of time and effort:

    Do you use more than one invitation list in your events? Each Invitation List has its own set of emails. If you want to have a base set of emails to use as templates for each Invitation Lists' set of emails and then customize the emails within each list, use the Email Options settings when you create an Invitation List. You cannot go back and update these options after the new list is set up.

    • First, in the default set of Event Emails, create your baseline templates with header and footer, signature blocks and base content.
    Use the Email Options in Create Invitation List

    • From Name = Preferred name
    • From Email = Preferred email address
    (Note: the From settings also could be set up in the Default Invitation List set of emails, however, this is a good setting to know)

    • Use another list's emails = Yes
    • Invitation List = Invitation List

    What Cvent function or feature has saved you a lot of time?

    Please share your Hack, Tip or Trick with the group.

    Looking forward to learning from you!

    Loretta Peterson
    Events Operations Specialist
    CDWUnited States