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  • 1.  Integration discussion

    Posted 08-02-2022 09:59
    Hello everyone,
    My role at Cru involves using Cvent for our Event Management tool.
    We use Salesforce as our CRM and have struggled with the solution. For the most part it works most of the time, but when it does not work its hard to resolve and involves way too much manual intervention.

    As a semi capable developer I have been looking at tools like Celigo Integrator IO.
    Sadly I have had limited success connecting to Cvent API.

    I do wonder if we could establish a group on the forum for developers to help one another.
    If you are using Cvent and have used Celigo as well I would love to talk with you.
    We are considering hiring a developer to help us get it established.

    Tim Jones
    Senior ERP Manager
    Cru United States

  • 2.  RE: Integration discussion

    Posted 08-04-2022 12:12
    Thanks for raising the topic Tim,
    I'm interested in joining a Developers Group. We are currently evaluating which type of Cvent Salesforce integration to implement.

    Hallie Loeb, HMCC
    Event Operations
    CDW United States

  • 3.  RE: Integration discussion

    Posted 08-16-2022 11:37
    Hi Tim,

    We do have a developer hub for API and integration documentation -

    We can also explore setting up a developer user group if there's wide enough interest.

    Cc @Megan Clark

    Daniel Marotta
    Senior Manager
    Cvent Community Team

  • 4.  RE: Integration discussion

    Posted 08-16-2022 11:56
    I'd like to join a Developers Group. 
    I'm especially interested in integrations, Salesforce, ServiceNow, 

    Hallie Loeb, HMCC
    Event Operations
    CDW United States

  • 5.  RE: Integration discussion

    Posted 08-16-2022 12:23
    Yes the documentation is quite extensive.
    But we are still having a problem consistently connecting and retrieving data.

    One of the support team did help a little, but they really are there to handle problems.
    A developer user group might allow folks at different levels help one another. 
    I am part of other developer communities like that, and its great when your stuck to have peers helping one another

    Tim Jones
    Senior Erp Manager
    FamilylifeUnited States