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    Posted 05-26-2022 09:01

    I am looking to see what options we have for managing invite only sessions. During our event we will be holding a variety of breakout sessions. Overlapping a couple of the breakout sessions one afternoon we are holding an Executive Session that we want only select executives from about 2/3 of our customer base to be able to register for. But we don't want to give them that session as the only option. We want them to be able to choose from all of the other breakout sessions as well, in the event they are not interested in attending the Executive Session. 

    Ideally we would like the people invited to this Executive Session to have the same registration path as everyone else, but for just them, this Executive Session would also show up as an option. We have the list of people to invite as well as their email so we were hoping to find a way to tell the system "only these people should see this session option". But we cannot find any way to do this other than to create a whole other registration path for these customers. 

    If anyone has any suggestions on how we can make this happen I would love to hear them. Thanks so much!!

    Maggie St. Clair
    Customer Engagement Specialist
    Cargas Systems

  • 2.  RE: Invite Only Sessions

    Community MVP
    Posted 05-26-2022 09:23

    Good morning @Maggie St. Clair,

    My first thought was you can have ​two different registration types, but only one path. With the Executive Session, you have the option to "Limit which registration types can attend this session" and even though it will be on the same path as the rest of the sessions only the Executives will see that session.

    Using the invitation list you can determine who the executives are and will be assigned that registration type from the get-go.

    But I too would like to hear different options since this issue comes up a lot in many events.

    James Rose | Senior Web Developer and Content Management
    Digital Infrastructure
    Office of University Development | University of Michigan

  • 3.  RE: Invite Only Sessions

    User Group Member
    Posted 05-27-2022 10:32
    Good Morning Maggie & James,

    Certainly. James, I use the invitation lists to assign registration types out all of the time. It is very handy, assuming you are okay with managing multiple lists. 

    You can also set up your 'extra/additional' session as was mentioned, include it within an alternate Admission Item, and allow your end-users to self select the Admission Item that is a best-fit for them. Perhaps one could be named Executive Registration while the other is General Registration.

    If you want to go a route that is a little more 'controlled', you could create/utilize two separate links/buttons within your invitation email: the standard button could be used for non-executive registration while a secondary button/link could be powered by a weblink that you create under your Marketing tab. See screenshot.

    Weblink to assign reg. type
    As you can see, this weblink will assign the executive's registration type when clicked, thus giving them access to that extra/additional session you need them to see. Again, the benefits of going this route include having a little more control and not needed a second invitation list--so long as you are okay including two registration link options in your invite; labeled appropriately of course.

    Hope this helps!


    Jeremy Houser
    Projects Coordinator
    Duke University