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  • 1.  Live Third party stream with Cvent Video Player - guidance requested

    Posted 08-16-2023 10:26

    I'm managing a hybrid event next month, and some of the live stream components are coming together a bit late for my taste.  We have the venue's in-house production company producing the actual stream, and we originally were just going to have them stream to Vimeo (which they would manage) and embed in the attendee hub, but we learned this wasn't accessible from a mobile device or tablet.  So now we're looking at doing the third party stream to the Cvent video platform, but I'm a bit nervous that more of the stream responsibility will fall on us.  There are a couple of issues I'm having that I can't seem to get clear answers from the help center:

    1. Captions: I see on virtual captioning 101 that we can use 608-in band captions with the video player HOWEVER, I don't see what I'm supposed to do to send those captions to the player.  This could just be my own lack of experience here, but what do I do/set up so my captioning provider can send us the captions into the video player?
    2. Backend links into the stream: I have a handful of clients who have firewalls that prevent them from logging into the attendee hub, and i need a back-door into our player in case that happens.  I would assume that given it's Cvent's video player - no backdoor exists the way I could have a hidden vimeo link, is that correct

    Any experience anyone else has with doing this would be welcome -- I'm operating a bit out of my comfort zone, and I'm trying to get more insight into what I need to know/do to support this.


    Rachel Becker
    Director, Business Solutions
    EABUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Live Third party stream with Cvent Video Player - guidance requested

    Posted 08-23-2023 14:14

    Hi Rachel,

    Hope you are well!

    I understand it could be little inconvenient to step outside of our comfort zone. But, I really appreciate that you are making an attempt at it and learning and discovering new things in the process.

    About Captions:  Since your session setup will be Video Streaming Tool: Cvent (powered by Zoom) and Video Player: Cvent video player, hence we do have automated captioning activated by default therefore there is no additional step required at your end.

    About Backend links into the stream: It is correct there are no backdoors, considering this is a live stream session attendees would need to login to attendee hub to watch the sessions, although we do have the speaker link available but that also takes them to the zoom meeting where they can switch on the camera and speak hence this would not be idle.

    Here are few articles which might give you more insights:

    1. Virtual Session Captioning 101

    2. My third-party live stream can't connect to the Cvent Video Player. How do I fix this?

    3. What live stream video settings should I use for Attendee Hub?

    I hope this helps! You can find more such articles in the Knowledge Base section of Cvent community. 

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    Khushbu Gupta

    Associate Quality Lead - Quality Team 

    Khushbu Gupta
    Associate Quality Lead
    CventUnited States

  • 3.  RE: Live Third party stream with Cvent Video Player - guidance requested

    Posted 09-18-2023 11:29


    I used the Hub during Covid and we used Zoom.  It worked but I'll be honest I was not as impressed as I was when I watched Cvent connect that year and they used their own platform (or soemthing else). 

    Issues we found:

    • Delay on the Q&A
    • Had to watch the presenters to ensure they logged in so they could get to the "back end" 
    • Buffering was sometimes off

    For the specific questions, it's been a while but if you have an onboarding partner at Cvent they were a godsend to us. I did find an article, same as below that seems to be helpful.  I think we used captioning within Zoom itself but I would advise another route if it exists.

    Backend Links:

    * When we did this it did not exist. If you are using Zoom Webinar you could give them that link - it will be a whole different experience but it might work.

    Lesley Irminger
    Manager of Operations, Alumni and Constituent Engagement
    George Mason - Office Of University EventsUnited States

  • 4.  RE: Live Third party stream with Cvent Video Player - guidance requested

    Posted 09-20-2023 00:04

    I think we only used it once during the pandemic, and as I recall, it was difficult to deal with the backend access issue. We ended up switching to another system for this kind of event, but it looks liek Cvent has improved the system since then. 

    Elena PEREZ
    SEIU - UHWUnited States