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Prepare for 2023 with the Latest Trends

  • 1.  Prepare for 2023 with the Latest Trends

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-18-2023 08:59

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Let's kickstart with our next edition of the Tip of the Week discussion! The event planning industry is beginning to look "normal" again. It is even expected that in 2023, we will see pre-pandemic levels of in-person events. However, it's taken plenty of changes to get us back to this point, and as an industry, we must continue to plan for anything. 

    Whether it's rising costs, the transformation in the workforce, or the new generation of event programs, there's a lot to consider as you plan your 2023 program strategy. Check out the top six trends for the year and tips to help you plan better 

    • Continued Uncertainty 

    While we are continuing to go back to in-person, we are still recovering from the massive impact that the pandemic had on the events industry. Keeping your attendees safe is always a planner's top priority, so new rules and restrictions have been added to the mix.  

    • Tech Stack Consolidation 

    Consolidation of technology has grown over the past year due to issues with efficiency, costs, and inconsistencies. By integrating your tech stack, you can house your event and attendee data in a single source of truth. This will make the process of gathering and using insights much easier, ensuring greater success for your event. 

    • Insight-Driven Engagement 

    When hosting an event, your event platform should be able to show you key metrics, including how many sessions an attendee has joined, how long they stayed, and how deeply they engaged. You can utilize data-driven decision-making for future event planning to ensure you get deeper insights for every event type in 2023. 

    • Up-Leveled Production 

    Due to attendee fatigue when it comes to virtual events, the need for up-leveled production has increased to capture and maintain your audience's attention. With the right tools, you can raise the value of your events with professional-grade production. 

    • Extended Engagement 

    Attendees are now looking to participate according to their own schedule, meaning on-demand sessions are needed to help keep attendees engaged before, during, and even after the close of an event. This also means that in-person events are becoming more digitalized, allowing attendees to view content anytime, anywhere. But with this shift, how do you motivate your audience to participate in your event at all? 

    There are tools out there to make that part of the job easy. With the right registration solution, you can build your event sites, personalize the experience, and get attendees there with promotions.  

    • Evolution of the Workforce 

    The people who attend your events now are not the same as they were pre-pandemic. Many have different jobs and different goals. They also have new skill sets that require training and continuing education. Prior to the pandemic, it was common for people to see one another every day in the office or attend social events to build those all-important connections. But now, with many people only going into the office a couple of times a week, networking has changed. This makes networking at events even more important, whether in-person or virtually.  


    Question for you: 

    • With the anticipated shift the industry may face in 2023, how do you plan to keep up with the changing pace?  


    As always, feel free to drop in your suggestions in the comment section below! #CventTip


    Megha Jetley
    Assistant Manager
    Cvent Marketing Department