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    Posted 04-25-2024 17:01

    Hi everyone. I've searched and can only find a similar subject but not exactly what I need. We are often asked for a "printable agenda." Executive assistants who have registered CEOs and board members want to provide this in a printed packet for those attending. I've used software in the past that had a printable agenda button on the agenda page of the event website. (We don't have attendees build an agenda as the assistants don't know what they want to attend when they register the executives so it ends up not being helpful. Also, many of our attendees won't download the app.) I don't see a way to add that in Cvent. Is adding the "my agenda" button in an email the only way to do this?



    Diana Bryant
    Director, Conferences & Events
    Tennessee Valley Public Power AssociationUnited States

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    Posted 05-02-2024 09:26

    Hi Diana,

    The My Agenda widget that is available within emails will only show sessions that they are registered for/are on their agenda by default. Are all of your sessions included (meaning everyone is automatically registered for each session?) If so, this option would work and then they could print their email that has this information. If the sessions are optional and they have not registered for them yet, this widget will not show all sessions available in the event, just the sessions they have registered for. I noticed that you said that you don't have attendees build an agenda, but I wasn't sure if you have created your sessions as included or optional.

    You can also use the badge designer to create an agenda that can be sent out to registrants via email that they would be able to download and print off that (based off of what you are looking for) would include all of the sessions they registered for OR all sessions in the event. Reference the Printing Agendas In Bulk section of this article and it will walk you through how to create this. If you want it to show the sessions they are registered for, you can use that Personal Agenda by Registrant or My Agenda data tag on the badge. If you want it to show all available sessions in the event then you can just add all of the sessions, dates times, locations, etc. to the badge designer. Then within any of your event emails (confirmation, know before you go, etc.) you can insert the name badge data tag and they will be able to click on the link to open it up and print from there. 

    Julia Plymack
    Senior Client Success Manager