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  • 1.  Reference IDs - Weblinks

    Posted 10-30-2022 21:11
    Launched ou first event and have created a number of weblinks to track incomming registrations from various sources. 

    At present the links go to the summary page where the client selects their registration path (Two Paths). 

    I have tested a few of the links and i am not getting information recorded against the registrant.

    I have looked in the knowledge base and can not find why this may be happening.

    My Question is;

    Does the link need to go to the registration page? I see for UTM the following UTM parameters are tracked once an attendee completes the registration process, so make sure to select a registration process or event website weblink.

    Does he process not work if you got to the summary page first

    Because i have 2 paths and i dont select any of them when creating a link to the registration page i dont get a chpice to chose one.

    Craig Thompson
    Forbes AustraliaAustralia

  • 2.  RE: Reference IDs - Weblinks

    Posted 11-01-2022 03:36
    Located Error. 

    By Having Weblinks on the summary page that go to the respective registration path the incoming registration ID url paramatter is lost.
    Unable to make these links dynamic resulting in creating multiple summary pages for each incoming method of registration

    Craig Thompson
    Forbes AustraliaAustralia

  • 3.  RE: Reference IDs - Weblinks

    Posted 11-02-2022 11:05
    Hi Craig, if I understand correctly, your Cvent event has a Summary page where people then click 'Register Now' and then they can choose which registration type/path they want to register as (say Attendee or Sponsor)

    And if so, you also want to track where they came from (say Twitter, email campaign, etc.)

    So, there is just one Summary page. You need to now create multiple links to that Summary page, one for each source you want to track.

    Marketing > Weblinks > Create link
    Name it 'Summary Twitter'
    Ref ID: Twitter
    Choose Summary > Landing Page > Summary, leave path not specified

    Repeat for each tracking source. This creates unique links, even though they all go to the same place, your Summary page.

    Then, copy and use the unique links in your respective sources.

    Kim Scannell
    The Center: Resources for Teaching and LearningUnited States