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Tips to Choose the Right Event Types That Boost ROI

  • 1.  Tips to Choose the Right Event Types That Boost ROI

    Posted 02-21-2024 09:40
    Edited by Megha Jetley 02-21-2024 09:42

    Proving ROI has never been simple (or easy!) when it comes to events. And picking the wrong event type for your business, your purpose, and your audience, can have disastrous consequences. 

    Let's explore some event types, some KPIs associated with them, and the event technology that can help you make them a success. 


    Conferences are large-scale events that bring together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to discuss industry trends, share knowledge, and network. For example, our conference, Cvent CONNECT

    Common Conference KPIs

    • Attendance and participation
    • Satisfaction and feedback
    • Lead generation and business impact.

    Event Tech You Need

    • Deliver a contactless or concierge badging experience with onsite technology, then use real-time event data to stay on-top of logistics and performance. 
    • Virtual and hybrid event platforms: Virtual and hybrid event platforms like Cvent Attendee Hub enable you to broadcast live to virtual audiences around the world, extending your reach.


    Seminars are educational events focused on in-depth learning about specific topics. They involve interaction between presenters and participants, fostering a more hands-on and engaging experience.

    Common Seminar KPIs

    • Attendance rates
    • Learning outcomes
    • Satisfaction scores

    Event Tech You Need


    Webinars typically involve a solo presenter or a panel of speakers to deliver content through slides or discussions. Audience can communicate with you and other attendees through engagement features such as Q&A, polls, and chat. 

    Common Webinar KPIs

    • Attendance and registration rates
    • Audience engagement
    • Conversion and lead generation

    Event Tech You Need

    • Cvent Webinar gives you intuitive production tools to help you create webinars, switch up your backgrounds with director tools, engage your attendees, and showcase your brand.

    Training and Workshops

    Training and workshops are educational events designed to impart specific skills, knowledge, or competencies to participants.

    Common Training and Workshop KPIs

    • Attendance rates
    • Skill acquisition
    • Participant satisfaction

    Event Tech You Need

    Survey and event feedback tools help you gauge what participants found helpful enable you to optimize for future training and workshops.

    User Groups

    User groups often serve as forums for users to provide feedback about a particular product or service.

    Common User Group KPIs

    • Membership engagement
    • Knowledge sharing and content interaction
    • Product feedback

    Event Tech You Need

    • Customer feedback and survey tools enable you to create surveys, polls, and feedback forms to collect opinions, preferences, and suggestions.
    Questions for you-
    • -          Which event tech do you use for your events?
    • -          How many events on average do you host in a year?


    Megha Jetley [Designation]
    Cvent Marketing Department