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Weekly Product Release Notes - August 11, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - August 11, 2022

    Posted 08-11-2022 11:25
    We have a delivery! Your weekly product round up is here and has exciting updates to #Event(Flex), #AttendeeHub, and #Appointments



    GetThere Integration

    You can now use GetThere integration in your registration (flex) events. This enables you to redirect the invitees to the GetThere website and make their flight bookings. Once enabled in the account, it will be available to be used in all events. Once booked, the flight information is then received by Cvent to be saved as Air Actuals.

    Attendee Hub

    Text Discussions Image Time Extension

    Previously in Text Discussions, images that were uploaded within the chat only had a lifespan of 7 days. After the 7 days passed, the images were replaced with a blank state. With this release, the images will be available in the chat for as long as the chat is live.

    Removal of Text Labels from the Cvent Events App bottom navigation bar

    The text labels from the Cvent Events App bottom navigation bar have been removed. This change should remove translation issues that were coming up regarding the bottom navigation bar.

    Open Authorization for Attendee Hub Standalone

    You are no longer required to use the registration/website features in order to have SSO enabled in the AH.


    Exhibitor Opt-in question updates

    We have introduced the ability to edit exhibitor opt-in questions and answer texts even after an attendee has answered the question. You can also now translate the questions and answer choices using language management. As a reminder, you must be on the latest version of the event app to see these updates.


    New Appointments APIs available

    We can now better support those who have appointment programs that are generated from an external system by simplifying the process of getting the meetings into our appointments solution. The New APIs include 'List Available Times' and 'Create Appointments'.

    You can use the API 'List Available Times' to retrieve a complete list of available time slots in your event to understand where and when appointments can be booked. You can use the API 'Create Appointments' to import one or more appointments, allowing you to schedule hundreds of meetings within a matter of minutes.



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