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Weekly Product Release Notes - July 28, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - July 28, 2022

    Posted 07-28-2022 10:50
    We hope you are all ready for this week's exciting updates to #AttendeeHub, #Appointments, #MeetingsManagement, and Integrations!


    Attendee Hub

    Profile: Connections (Web)

    This adds Connections to the Profile so that attendees can now view other attendees' Connections as well as easily view their Mutual Connections. This was recently released within the Event App experience. This enhances the Connections feature to feel much more familiar to traditional social media experiences and begins to foster a further sense of community.


    New exhibitor engagement reports

    We have introduced new exhibitor engagement reports: Exhibitor Engagement Overview & Exhibitor Engagement Detail within event and exhibitor management.

    Universal Appointments

    Self-Sign Up Form Availability Independent of Registration Status

    In Universal Appointments Events, the Self-sign up form is no longer dependent on Registration status. you can publish and share the form at any time, regardless of whether Registration is disabled, Pending, or Active.

    Meetings Management

    Enhancements to Sleeping Room Requirement Grid on Meeting Request Form

    These enhancements will now allow you to choose if it is appropriate to populate all sleeping room requirement rows based on the event start and end date or if you would prefer to build out the rows manually. These options further expand on your flexibility while interacting with the SRR grid by allowing you to skip dates in the grid and select dates with a calendar date picker. Finally, while editing meeting requests that contained the SRR grid in a hidden section, you will now be able to successfully submit updates after confirming that your changes may impact previously submitted sleeping room requirements.



    New SSO specific weblinks for Meeting Request Forms published to Access Portal

    We have streamlined the process for Access Portal (AP) users to sign in via Single Sign-On (SSO) and immediately reach a Meeting Request Form (MRF), without needing to land on the Access Portal login page and click "Login with SSO".


    Cvent Salesforce App version 6.3

    We're excited to announce the release of Cvent Salesforce App v6.3. With this version we have the following updates:

    Lightning Web Security compatibility: With data security a top priority, we have updated the app to be compatible with Lightning Web Security, the new Salesforce security standard.

    Choose which Cvent custom fields to sync into SF: You can now choose which Cvent custom event and contact fields to sync to Salesforce. This will reduce clutter, limit storage concerns, and ensure only the essential fields you require are synced.

    Customize condition logic for record matching: Previous versions of the app allowed for only AND criteria when matching records. With this update, you can create OR criteria, allowing more flexibility, increasing the likelihood of finding matched Salesforce contact/lead/person account records, and decreasing the likelihood of Cvent creating duplicates.

    Choose the direction data flows with field mapping is applied to: Previous versions of the app defaulted to bi-directional sync of mapped fields. With this release, you can now choose the direction fields are mapped: only Salesforce to Cvent; only Cvent to Salesforce; or bidirectional. An example of this utility is you can now insert fields into Cvent, but changes to the field in Cvent will not be overwritten in Salesforce.



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