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Weekly Product Release Notes - July 6, 2023

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - July 6, 2023

    Posted 07-06-2023 12:53

    Have you missed us? Well we're back and with more updates than ever! Check out these enhancements to #AttendeeHub #Registration #ExhibitorManagement #Budget #AccessPortal #OnArrival #Integrations #Cvent Webinar 




    Address Widget Enhancements

    You will now have a much greater control over each field within the address widget. You can now customize the widget and collect only the address information required for the purposes of the event.

    The event planners will now be able to:

    • Select which fields to display/hide within the address widget
    • Make specific fields required/optional within the address widget
    • Reorder the fields

    Hotel Request Widget Refresh

    This usability refresh ensures that our event attendees can navigate through the Hotel widget more easily, with improved visibility to basic hotel details, pricing information & room selection. We have updated the following:

    ·       Placement of the hotel's address, phone, fax, and website to be more prominent so they are readily accessible to attendee's without requiring any additional clicks

    ·       Easily expand/collapse the hotel details section

    ·       Instead of displaying a price range for hotel and room types, average pricing will be displayed

    ·       Fees are placed more prominently on the page so attendees can quickly grasp any additional costs

    ·       Updated room selection button, edit/cancel links for submitted requests, ad background colors

    Hide Guest Registration Type Widget with One Registration Type

    We have streamlined the guest registration process by reducing the amount of information shown to only what is needed. When registering a guest, attendees will now not see the Registration Type Widget if there is only one Registration Type available.

    Attendee Hub

    Group Messaging

    We have created the ability for an attendee to dynamically share information and ideas with multiple attendees at the same time during an event by allowing them to create and send group chat messages, consisting of 3 or more recipients at the same time.

    Push Notifications for Messaging

    Attendees can now receive push notifications for incoming messages (Group and 1:1) when their app is closed or backgrounded. This allows attendees to stay in touch with one another without having to constantly monitor their messages section within the app. You can now confidently send messages to individual attendees and know that they will be notified quickly.

    On Demand Session Videos in AH Event App

    You will now be able to share recorded session content with your attendees in the Event App after the session has ended.

    Access to Segment Assignments from Invitee Details

    You can now view which Audience Segments your attendee is assigned to in the Invitee Details page. You can also remove attendees from specific segments from the Invitee Details page.

    Appointments Action Buttons on My Schedule in Attendee Hub Website

    We have updated the Appointments cards on My Schedule on the Attendee Hub website to include action buttons so attendees can clearly see if they need to take action or if there are conflicts.

    View My Schedule by Date on Attendee Hub

    With this enhancement, we have updated the My Schedule page to be viewable by date. Attendees can now navigate to any date on My Schedule for which they have a session or appointment scheduled and can take action as required.

    Attendee Professional Interests

    Attendees can now add their professional interests to their profile through tags you create. This feature enables attendees to quickly connect with others who share similar interests and discover relevant content. By allowing attendees to self-select Interests, you can gain valuable insights into your audience, which can inform future programming for events. 

    Moods & Enhanced Theming

    Moods allows for deep theming control with the click of a button. You can select a mood alongside your brand's primary and secondary colors which then seamlessly applies to all aspects of the Attendee Hub experience. Moods give you the ability to reach into areas that were previously not configurable, such as colors, shadows, and accents. This feature also drastically enhances Attendee Hub's current theming system to ensure that proper color contrast guidelines are consistently met, creating a more accessible experience for all.

    Home and Sponsors Page Banners

    With this update, you will now be able to place banner carousels on the Home page and Sponsors page in Attendee Hub & Event App. These banners, which were previously only supported on the Expo page, support multiple images, and can be scheduled to appear at different dates and times for an events.

    Attendee Action Icons

    Attendees will now see icons instead of text displaying actions available from the Attendees page and other attendees' profiles. With this update, attendees can easily see and access engagement opportunities such as scheduling appointments, sending connection requests and sending messages, allowing them to network quickly and make connections with other attendees at the event.

    Exhibitor Management

    Content Management updates for Exhibitor Portal

    With this release, we're introducing the ability for you to add/edit/delete and hide/re-order exhibitor content from within the exhibitor portal. 

    ·       You now control the way your exhibitor content (videos/files/links) appears within Attendee Hub web and Event App

    ·       Easy drag/drop functionality allows exhibitor admins to easily re-order videos/files/links and also mark any video as featured.

    Custom Exhibitor Emails

    Create custom exhibitor emails that can be sent to exhibitor-based audience types. You will be able to manually send or schedule an email to be sent with custom messaging to your exhibitors throughout the event.


    Attendee activities API updates

    The Attendee Activities API allows to retrieve the data for a number of interactions of attendees throughout the lifecycle of the event. The API has been enhanced to support a new range of activities which helps in knowing the engagement of attendees in the Attendee Hub. The list of activities are:

    • Submitted a poll response
    • Asked a question
    • Upvoted a question
    • Opened custom card
    • Clicked banner link

    ON24 Integration Updates

    You can now set up and activate your ON24 integration in a self-service manner. This provides you with more control over managing your credentials in a secure way.

    Meetings and Spend Management

    Date & Time Formats for Access Portal Users

    Dates and times within Access Portal will now display in formats based on the logged-in Access Portal User's locale.

    Budget Import File Enhancements

    We've enhanced the New Budget import template and introduced a sample values file to simplify the experience of importing items into a Budget. When you begin the import process, you will have the option to download the template and a new sample values file prior to importing. These files and the instructions on the Import page guide you on the data required to ensure a successful import.

    Bulk Allocations in New Budget

    You can now apply allocation amounts to multiple budget items directly from the budget grid.

    Allow Username Edit for Access Portal Users

    The username field for Access Portal Users can now be modified to any value by Portal Managers. Cvent recommends using email address for the username. Previously, the username had to have the same value as email address and was not updated if the email address was updated.


    OnArrival Custom Messaging
    This feature allows you to configure custom messages to display to attendees. These messages can either block attendees from checking in or display after check-in. This enhanced functionality allows for a more tailored and customized experience for attendees, making it easier to manage the check-in process.

    Android Kiosk Filters

    You can now add filters to OnArrival Android to limit kiosk mode check-ins by company, registration type, and/or admission item to better organize the check-in experience onsite.

    OnArrival Session to Event Attendance

    The feature enables you to mark event participation for attendees, when checking in for a session. For events that are not using event check-in/badging, this feature gives the ability to monitor and report on event participation based on who has attended any of the event's sessions.


    Webinar Premium - Webinars as Default Landing Page

    We are now offering Webinar Premium customers the ability to set the Webinars list as their default landing page, making it easier for users to access Webinars directly.

    Webinar Premium - Dynamic Banner on Webinar List Page

    You can now more easily identify, and access upcoming or live webinars, view high level information for webinars that have already occurred, through Dynamic Banners.

    Webinar Premium - User Management Enhancements

    Administrators and users with management access, will now be able to remove the assigned Webinar License for any user that is not an administrator. Additionally, you can now delete the user who is the owner of existing webinars. This will help account administrators manage the users who can access the webinar platform according to their business needs.

    Livestream preview

    Hosts, speakers and moderators now have the ability to access and preview the livestream from the attendees perspective in advanced of the session start time. Having access earlier will help build familiarity and confidence with the technology and allow for any adjustments to be made prior to attendees joining the livestream. 



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