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Weekly Product Release Notes - June 16, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - June 16, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-20-2022 13:01
    Edited by Cvent Product News 06-20-2022 13:07
    Oops, we're running a little late this week, but this extra time allowed for some great new things to come your way. This week's enhancements include releases to #AttendeeHub,#Event(Flex)#NewExperience, and #EventDiagramming.


    Attendee Hub

    Enhanced Session Viewing Experience

    When watching a session virtually, attendees will have a new immersive interface that focuses on the video content while using interactivity to allow attendees to access additional information about the session including the session description and speakers without leaving the video content itself.

    Connections allow attendees to build their personal and professional network on the Attendee Website and App. Attendees can grow their network over time and view connections they've made across all of your organization's events, including the ability to see which of their past connections are also attending the current event.

    Consolidated Settings Page on Web

    This is a fast follow to past release of New Settings Page on Web & App. The attendee settings page on the web will also now include the following categorizations:

    • Privacy
    • CCPA "Do Not Sell My Information" link
    • Attendee Visibility (Hidden vs. Visible)
    • Exhibitor Consent
    • Notifications
    • Enable/Disable event-level notifications
    • Language & Region
    • Select event language from available options (set by planner)
    • Time zone control for event (Device vs. Event)

    Attendee Hub


    UTM Parameters in Events

    Event Marketers will now be able to view parameters passed through URLs, hidden fields, or cookie level data in the attendee record and reports.


    • Parameters will be stored at the attendee record to avoid overwriting the contact details in the address book and will retain the last source/value
    • 5 standard parameters and 1 custom will be available
    • Fields will be derived from URLs or hidden fields and will look for terms following utm_x.
    • If an attendee cancels, and re-registers, all versions of parameters will be stored and viewable via the report - but only the most recent values attributed to the conversion will appear in the attendee record.
    • Reports will be viewable by field response utilizing the Registrant UTM Details report

    Parameters may be passed to MarTech integrations via custom integration via Attendee Activities

    New Experience

    Attendee Search on Home Page

    You now have ability to search for attendees from Event Home Page in New Experience Events. A new attendee search field will appear on the Home page in the right rail. You can type in the keywords to search for attendees using First name, Last name and Email Address.

    The search will redirect you to Attendee List page. This feature is only available to users and events when attendee list is visible.

    Diagramming & Seating

    Updated Global Header Links

    We've updated the links for "Help Center" and "Training Courses" in the header for both Home and Diagram. 



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