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Weekly Product Release Notes - June 30, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - June 30, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-30-2022 09:48
    Edited by Cvent Product News 06-30-2022 11:33
    Things are heating up with our recent releases to #AttendeeHub, #NewExperience, #Surveys, and #EventDiagramming


    Attendee Hub

    Consolidated Settings Page on Web

    Fast follow to past release of New Settings Page on Web & App. The attendee settings page on the web will also now include the following categorizations:

    • Privacy
    • Notifications
    • Language & Region

    Event Management

    New Experience

    SOAP API Support

    With this feature release, you can now create Events using Copy SOAP API call when you pass Flex Event ID or New Experience Events ID. Note, we will auto set event end date/time to 4 hours from Event Start Date/Time, if not passed via API. We will, also, auto set Registration Deadline to 1 min before the end date, if not passed via API.

    Navigation Updates - One click pages

    We have updated single page navigation options to one click access to enhance the user experience. You can now access below features with one click:

    • Website
    • Speakers - only when speaker resource center is not available in the account
    • Exhibitors



    Event List Grid changes

    Event List Grid has now been updated and Event Title gets preference over other columns on this page.

    Event Created and Approved audits on Event Details Page

    Event Created and Approved audits are now available on event details page. These audit stamps will help you track when and who created the event along with event approval info when the feature is available in the account and event is approved.


    Event Email Alerts

    To give you more visibility into attendee's survey responses, you can now configure the alerts for premium event surveys. The alerts can be configured to be triggered upon submission of the survey chapters (General Event Feedback &/or for session). The "My-Response" data tag is listed, which can be added in the alert to include the response submitted by the attendee.

    Survey designer update: move and duplicate question

    The Survey designer has now been enhanced to allow you to move and duplicate the question widgets to another page in the session surveys, to make designing surveys even easier. Currently, the widgets can only be moved within the same session chapters.

    Question visibility logic update for General Event Feedback surveys

    To give you more flexibility in configuring your general event feedback survey, you can now configure question visibility logic based on the preceding question.

    Diagramming & Seating

    Reduce Chair Count Modal

    With this update, when you try to decrease the chair count below the number of seated attendees, the input box is outlined in red and an error message appears underneath the field notifying you of the action required in order to perform this request.



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