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Weekly Product Release Notes - June 9, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - June 9, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-10-2022 11:45
    Things are heating up and we have some HOT new releases! This week we have updates to #AttendeeHub, #NewExperience, #AccessPortal, #CventEventDiagramming, #CventSupplierNetwork, #Surveys, and Integrations. 


    Attendee Hub

    Enhanced Booth Staff Profiles

    This feature updates the existing Booth Staff profiles to utilize our new and improved Enhanced Visual Profiles, complete with all of the existing Meet Now functionality in addition to Appointments and Messaging functionality.

    Appointments: Attendee Search Performance Improvements

    In appointments, the parameter when searching by 'Company Name' is now 'starts with' instead of 'contains'. By updating this parameter, the overall performance for attendee search is quicker and aligns with what we currently use across all other searchable fields in appointments (first name, last name, title). In addition, when you are searching for attendees within the Planner Calendar, you will see benefits from improved search time. Particularly, large events will be better supported, making time to return search results shorter than ever.


    Event Management

    New Experience

    Registration Deadline changes for New Experience Events

    Registration deadline in New Experience events will now auto set to 1 min before the Event End Date/Time. Previously, we used to set the registration 2 days before the event start date. We are making this changed based on customer feedback, historical event trends and our event space shifting to Virtual/Webinar Events where there is a need for registrations to continue until event is over.


    Access Portals

    Access Portal SSO Enhancement: Set username for JIT AP Users to be email or Federated ID

    Your accounts can now be configured as JIT ("Just in time") provisioned SSO users to have your Access Portal username set to be email address or Federated ID. This field will be set to email address by default.


    Cvent Supplier Network & Diagramming and Seating

    Diagramming automation in Interactive Floorplans

    The redesigned Interactive Floorplan now includes functionality for you to define a custom setup to automatically create a diagram. Note, if you are not logged in to Diagramming and Seating or does not have an account, you will be prompted to log in or create an account.



    Assessments in Premium Event Surveys

    With assessments, you can set a passing score, issue certificates, and award credits to attendees who have passed. You can also allow attendees to re-take assessments if they didn't meet the passing score. You will be able to do the following:

    • Create event and session assessments
    • Configure score for the questions
    • Define a pass score
    • Define number of reattempts if respondent has failed
    • Award credits and certificates
    • Report on assessment metrics and respondent responses per attempt

    We do not currently support the following in Assessments:

    • Session in chapter settings as multi-select
    • Unlimited attempts/ attempts after passing
    • Pass the assessments based on number of "correct answers"
    • Assessment to support multi-select questions scoring


    Survey in Salesforce App Updates

    You can now access all responses to the event feedback surveys in the Salesforce App, and leverage the data for post-event follow-up using SF tasks, cases, etc. This is a Premium only feature.

    Survey Matrix question support in Salesforce App

    Matrix and matrix rating questions are now supported in survey programs in the Salesforce App, both for standalone and event feedback surveys.

    Event recommendations in Salesforce App

    You can now view the list of recommended events for your prospects & contacts and add them to the event from within the new "Recommended Events" widget. The feature is only available in Salesforce lightning mode.

    Use multiple currencies in Salesforce App

    The Cvent accounts with multiple currencies are now fully compatible with Salesforce currencies and can be supported in SF tasks, opportunities & other objects.


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