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Weekly Product Release Notes - November 3, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - November 3, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 30 days ago
    Happy November! Whether you started decorating for the holidays the day after halloween or think its way too early, we have some exciting product updates for all of you! Check out these enhancements to #AttendeeHub, #Surveys, #ExhibitorPortal, and #Passkey


    Attendee Hub

    Embed Studio Presenter Video

    When broadcasting a session with Studio, speakers will now remain in Attendee Hub while capturing their content. This provides a less complex and overwhelming experience for speakers to present and engage with their audience in real time utilizing the built-in engagement functions.

    Speakers will also have a new prompt in the top left of the screen offering easy access to view as an attendee so they can confirm that the content, video, and audio, is indeed showing up as expected.

    Viewing as attendee' Banner

     If an attendee clicks 'Join session' for a session in which they have been assigned a speaker or host permission, as opposed to joining with their defined role, they will see a new 'Viewing as an attendee' banner across the top of the video player displayed in the events main color.

    Improved Setting Up Attendee List Filters

    You will be able to create Attendee List filters in App Builder more efficiently by improving the information used to set up a filter, such explaining the purpose of filters and how to set them up. Improvements to the workflow, helps you navigate to internal information and registration questions from within App Builder by directly linking them to those pages to get the filters set up.




    Survey Custom Fields

    You will now be able to add survey custom fields during the survey creation workflow. It will allow you to provide/tag additional info around the survey details which will help you in various filters/workflows across the Survey product. The following field types are supported in the custom fields:

    • Open Ended Text
    • Choice – Single Answer
    • Choice – Multiple Answer


    Exhibitor Management


    Exhibitor Portal Navigation Updates

    The Exhibitor Portal has been redesigned and the navigation updated in an effort to make the exhibitor portal more scalable and responsive.There will also be a new login flow that directs the Exhibitor Admins to the switch events page. This will help you navigate to the event you want to manage and prevent confusion about which event is being managed.


    Custom Display of $0 Add-ons 

    You may now customize the descriptor text that appears when an add-on has a price of $0. This text can be localized and will appear as "Complimentary" if no value is given.


    New Homepage Preview

     We have added a "Try new homepage" button where you can preview the new homepage that is coming in early 2023.  This new homepage makes managing events easier and more efficient by providing:

    • Improved analytics
    • Redesigned event-creation process
    • Advanced event search



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