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Weekly Product Release Notes - September 8, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - September 8, 2022

    Posted 09-08-2022 11:43
    This may be a short week for some of us, but we're giving you a long list of updates this week! Check out our enhancements to #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), #Surveys, #MeetingsManagement, #CventSupplierNetwork, and #Appointments!


    Attendee Hub


    Embedded experience for interactive (collaborative) sessions

    We are excited to announce the release of embedded experience in Attendee Hub for interactive (collaborative) sessions, which allows you to do the following:

    • Ability for you to configure the session's video settings to leverage the embedded experience for interactive (collaborative) sessions
    • Hosts/speakers/moderators can join and participate in the session within Attendee Hub.
    • Attendees can join, collaborate and watch the session content within Attendee Hub.
    • Attendees can 'raise hand' to actively participate in the session and return as an observer after they've finished contributing to the conversation.
    • Ability to view the list of attendees in the session when actively participating.
    • Ability for you to get the attendee's duration data using reports.


    Display tax inclusive prices during registration

    This will allow you to show registrants the total cost of any item upfront, inclusive of taxes, so that the invitees can be aware of total cost and they can be in compliance with their country's laws regarding how to properly display prices.

    You can enable/disable the setting to display taxes at the site designer. The display of tax can be controlled for each widget under the Website Settings and then for each registration path as well.


    Timed Survey

    You can now configure a time limit on non-event surveys. The time limit applies to the whole survey, not per question.

    For respondents, this means that the survey must be submitted within the planner configured time limit. If the survey is not submitted within the limit, then the survey will be auto submitted when the time is up.

    Meetings Management

    Simple RFP within Access Portal

    With the Simple RFP release, you can now use your Access Portal with the following features:

    • Simple Meetings Policies
    • Combined Meetings and Requests list
    • CSN Search (Hotels only)
    • Filtered Search by Preferred Venues
    • MRF pre-population to Search
    • Simple Sourcing Policies
    RFP data sent from an Access Portal integrates back into Cvent's Cvent Supplier Network solution, so you can view and manage data properly. Hotels receive simple RFPs in the same mechanisms they receive CSN RFPs today. Simple RFPs will be identified to a hotel with a unique lead source called Cvent Simple Meetings.

    Citi Card Integration Updates

    Citi Virtual Card enhancements for the new Event Budget:

    • Improved audit for Virtual Cards approval flow
    • Sharing Virtual Cards - Account User authentication

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Adding Custom Question from Library

    With Add from Library, you will be able to add Questions from the Library to a RFP.
    You will be able to view folders from both Admin and Preferred Library and can select question to be added to the RFP.


    New Appointment API available in Universal API

    You can use the API 'Cancel Appointments' to cancel one or more existing appointments in an event, which enables you to action on hundreds of meetings within a matter of minutes.


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