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A centralized hub for stakeholders to access all of your organization’s meetings and events.

Execute your events more efficiently by capturing all your event data and meeting requests in one place. Access Portal makes it easy for non-Cvent users to save time by using real-time event data, reporting, and one-off event management tools. 

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Welcome to Access Portal! We’re excited to get started and help launch your event.

Recommended training

Cvent’s Event Management tool offers a robust reporting system to view, customize, and share your event data. The modules included in the Reporting Portals course will teach you how to create and add users to a portal to share data with users outside of Cvent.

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  • RE: Access Portal users


    Hi Saadia, Hope you are well! To add Portal users, you'll have to add them as Access portal users. For this, please login to your Cvent account > Click on app switcher at top right > Admin > ...

  • RE: Access Portal users


    Hi Saadia! Under Admin, towards the bottom of the list, there is a section called "Access Portals" and within it is "Portal Users" where you can create a new user. I suspect if you can't see this ...

  • Access Portal users


    So this may sound silly, but haven't used cvent in a while now have a project to do. I remember adding users to the access portals. But we had to add them and their emails first under an option and I cannot ...

  • RE: Thank you emails


    Thank you so much! Jeneba Badmus Project Analyst, Office of Center Integration Center to Champion Nursing in America AARP Public Policy Institute 601 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20049 ...

  • RE: Thank you emails


    Hi Jeneba, There is not a way to recall/retract unopened emails that have already been sent from Cvent. You can send a new/updated email that includes the necessary information. ------------------------------ ...

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