Attendee Hub How-to-Videos

Attendee Profiles

Take a look at how you can drive attendee networking across all your events using Cvent Attendee Hub. More than just a photo, profiles are the gateway to connecting attendees with each other and building community.

Making the Most of Maps

Upload a map and add location points to make an interactive tool for attendees using Cvent Attendee Hub.

Session Engagement

Explore the technology that drives Cvent's session engagement features including Live Polling and Q&A.

How to Award Credits and Certificate

Short overview of assigning credits and certificates for an in-person event.

Sponsorship Activation

Discover how Cvent Attendee Hub can provide optimum value for sponsors through brand awareness, lead generation, and interactions with attendees.

Designing your Event App

Uncover the options available to you to design your Cvent Attendee Hub Event App. Explore the branding, theming, and imagery options along with the event app designer's favorite - Live preview!

Manage the Home Screen

Discover the Cvent Attendee Hub Event App home screen. Learn how to build a dynamic home screen that delivers the right content at the right time - before things start, during the event, and after the event is done. Learn how to let attendees discover content easily and feature important event information.