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Collect smart, timely data to increase overall business success year after year. Save time executing powerful and dynamic surveys, minimize survey fatigue and increase response rates, and manage attendee safety with health screenings. Have the ability to access real-time insights and more complete survey data to make confident event decisions year after year. Surveys Premium gives you the ability to create event surveys, assessments, and programmatic feedback.

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Learn the basics such as creating a new survey, linking an event to an existing survey, adding questions, using and adjusting themes, running Feedback reports and advanced topics such as visibility logic and dependent questions.

Getting Started with Surveys
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EMC Meetings & Events

Used surveys to help clients gauge attendee feedback, benchmark key metrics, and support evolution within their own events. By engaging attendees via digital means, Jody sees client costs decrease drastically.

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Suwannee River Area Health Education Center

Embedded event and session-level surveys allow for deeper insight into performance, while quantifiable engagement metrics can be coalesced into an engagement score for more targeted follow-up.

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