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Speaker Resource Center - Now Available for Flex Events!

  • 1.  Speaker Resource Center - Now Available for Flex Events!

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-08-2020 14:00
    Edited by Tristen Asrejadid 06-08-2020 16:46

    If you haven't already heard, the Speaker Resource Center is now available in Event Management for your Flex events! Managing your event speakers, whether in-person or virtual, just got a whole lot easier.

    What is the Speaker Resource Center (SRC)?
    The SRC automates tedious speaker management tasks and allows you to collect critical content from your speakers. You're able to manage everything from right inside your Flex events and stay in control of a complex session schedule. By using automation, you can remove the potential for inconsistencies and easily generate reports on speaker task completion.

    What can my event speakers do in the SRC?

    1. View tasks and deadlines by session
    2. Receive branded emails and task reminders
    3. Mark tasks as complete
    4. Upload necessary files
    5. View and modify their speaker profile and session details
    6. Answer questions from the event planner

    Can I leverage the SRC for my virtual event?

    Absolutely! Even with virtual events, you'll still have speakers to handle logistics for. They'll still need to upload their presentation materials for their virtual session, update their bio and headshot, or even make edits to their existing session details.

    Want to learn more? This one-pager gives a good high-level overview of the functionality, or you can read through this Knowledge Base article to get a feel for how you'd set this up in your Flex events! Reach out to your Cvent Account Team in you're interested in a demo or further information.

    NOTE: Any future product updates to the SRC will be sent out in our weekly release note bundles. Did you know you can subscribe to these release notes and have them sent directly to your inbox each week? Follow these steps!


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