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Resources to help you throughout your journey.

Getting Started

Configuring Attendee Hub Settings

Review how to configure the crucial settings in Attendee Hub.

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Session Videos

Review how to set up session videos for the Attendee Website.

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Pre-Event Preparation

Exhibitor Management Portal

Prepare your Exhibitor Management Portal for Attendee Hub. 

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Virtual Session Links

Learn how to share virtual session links with hosts and speakers.

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Attendee Website Link

Review how to share your Attendee Hub website link with attendees.

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Host a Virtual Session

Learn how to prepare to host a virtual session through the Attendee Hub. 

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Day-of and Post-Event

Attendee Login Troubleshooting

Review how to assist your attendees logging in to the Attendee Hub website or app. 

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Session Video Troubleshooting

Review how to troubleshoot attendee session video questions. 

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Metrics Master List

Review the most important metrics from your Attendee Hub event. 

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