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Re-ordering session

My sessions and speakers were imported from Cvent but they are not in chrono order (sessions) or alpha (speakers) Any tips and tricks? Thanks very much for any insight. #EventApp-Building/managing -- Marguerite Berry Event Planner Arizona Association of REALTORS --

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RE: Preview Attendee Website

I haven't found a way to 'preview' it unless it is already live and I've registered for the event. This is frustrating to me on the rare occasion that I get to work on the hub site before we have even deployed registration. -- Melissa Williford Technology Services Project Manager ORAU --

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Preview Attendee Website

Hello, I have the Attendee Hub feature. How do I preview the Attendee Website? I see how to preview the event app but can't find where I can preview the Attendee Website. When I select 'Preview' while in Attendee Hub > Website and shows me the preview for the Event Website. I assume...

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RE: Feedback survey displays error on Android browsers

Hi Suba, I hope you are doing well! Have you been able to replicate the error on your end or has an attendee sent you a screenshot? If so, I would recommend calling our Customer Support team to troubleshoot directly on the phone with them - you can reach them by dialing 866-318-4357 or open a...

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RE: In Person Event Format Design for 2022

Hello Georgina, In-person events are happening! My hotel is in sunny Florida and has incredible outdoor space and a roof top meeting room with an out-door patio area. We are doing real creative events outdoors especially for the networking events. Take a tour of our outdoor space. https:/...

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In Person Event Format Design for 2022

As we think about returning to in-person events are you planning on new formats and experiences to really push the value of in-person? I'd love to hear any ideas or examples anyone has planned or seen out there. Our thinking is to really push the interactive nature of sessions, not so much of...

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Feedback survey displays error on Android browsers

Any of your attendees face error screen when accessing feedback survey on android mobile's chrome browser? #EventApp-Building/managing #Classic-Creating/ManagingEvents #ManagingOn-site -- Suba --