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Cvent Platform Overview

Cvent offers a complete suite of products to help you better navigate and manage the entire event lifecycle.??This article gives an overview of how all our products work together and highlights key resources to help you get started with each.

Returning an Event in a Box

Your event went off without a hitch and you're ready to start reporting on the trends you gathered using OnArrival for check-in. Now what? Follow these steps when returning your rental Event in a Box.

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What's New in OnArrival

A list of all OnArrival enhancements organized by the month they were added.

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Meet Our OnArrival Check-In App

Available at no additional cost to our Event Management customers, OnArrival is designed to simplify and expedite onsite check in. This article outlines what the Cvent's newest mobile app is capable of.

Using the Exhibitor Portal

As an Exhibitor Admin, you???ll play an integral part in your organization???s lead gathering. The first thing you???ll need to do is register your organization and booth...