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Activating the CrowdCompass Integration in OnSite Solutions

Follow these steps to instantly sync your Attendees, Sessions, and Exhibitors from OnSite Solutions to CrowdCompass.

Displaying Exhibitor Details in Appointments

Make it easy for attendees to find your exhibitors when booking appointments. For appointments involving an exhibitor's onsite staff, you can display their name, description, and...

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Who's Who At Cvent

Your Cvent Account Team is comprised of different types of resources who offer different types of support for the Cvent products you've purchased. Reference this list of your possible Account Team members...

Using Sponsored Sessions with Exhibitor Management

Are exhibitors sponsoring sessions at your event? With Sponsored Sessions, you can associate sessions to exhibitors, allowing exhibitors to view those sessions and export lead information from session participants.

Importing Exhibitors to Your Event

Got a whole lot of exhibitors who'll be gathering leads at your event? You might want to consider importing them. This article will show you how.

Adding Terms and Conditions to the Onsite Check-In Process

People don't read terms and conditions, but they do sue. Cover your keister by adding fine print directly to the onsite check-in process. Invitees will have to check a box or sign their name, acknowledging they understand your legalese before proceeding. We still can't guarantee they'll read it...

Collecting Signatures in OnArrival

Add another layer of security to your onsite check-in process by collecting attendees' signatures during check-in or check-out.