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Integrating OnSite Solutions with CrowdCompass

If you're using standalone OnArrival, follow these guidelines for syncing attendees, sessions, and exhibitors from OSS to CrowdCompass.

Activating the CrowdCompass Integration in OnSite Solutions

Follow these steps to instantly sync your Attendees, Sessions, and Exhibitors from OnSite Solutions to CrowdCompass.

Updating or Disabling the CrowdCompass Integration with OnSite Solutions

If you're integrating OnSite Solutions with CrowdCompass, review this article for how to change what's syncing over or turn off the integration entirely.

Adding Terms and Conditions to the Onsite Check-In Process

People don't read terms and conditions, but they do sue. Cover your keister by adding fine print directly to the onsite check-in process. Invitees will have to check a box or sign their name, acknowledging they understand your legalese before proceeding. We still can't guarantee they'll read it...

Checking In Attendees

The OnArrival app is included with any Event Management license. Use our mobile check-in app to mark participants onsite in real time.

Using Check-In Questions in OnArrival

Need to ask your attendees questions during the check-in process onsite? Add custom contact fields or registration questions to OnArrival.