Cvent Payments Resources

Getting Started: Tools to help you get your feet off the ground.

Ready to get started making the switch to Cvent Payments? Check out the below resources.

Cvent Payments Overview

Browse through this overview document for a better idea of how Cvent Payments can help simplify collecting payments and automating refunds.

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Cvent Payments Feature Comparison

Walk through this webpage to see an overview of the new functionality and a detailed comparison of features in Cvent Payments vs. Cvent Payment Services (CPS).

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Cvent Payments Learning Center

A helpful resource to find additional resources, join discussions with other users, and submit product ideas.

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Help Article: Setting Up Your Cvent Payments Account

This article walks you through all the steps to get started on setting up your new Cvent Payments account.

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Help Article: What information do I need to create a Cvent Payments account?

Prepare to set up your Cvent Payments account by gathering all of the information needed to get started.

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Help Article: Accessing Billing Statements

Read these step-by-step instructions on locating your Cvent Payments Billing Statements.

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