Welcome to Cvent!

We are excited for you to get started and these resources will help.
Check out each of the below videos to learn more about next steps, training, and your support resources at Cvent.
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Getting Started with Your Cvent Account Set Up

Before you meet your Cvent Account Team for the first time, there are a few items we recommend completing to make your kick off more productive. This video will walk you through:

  • How to login to Cvent
  • Customize your account email settings
  • Set up your Merchant Account to collect fees, if needed
  • Configure access rights for your Cvent users

    Getting Started with Training

    Taking training on Cvent will set you up for success so that you are more comfortable navigating our platform. This short video will help answer the following questions we hear often:

    • Why should I take training?
    • How can I find the training that will help me get started?

    Getting Help at Cvent

    Cvent is here to help guide you as you get started. If you have questions, we have a number of resources available to support you. In this video you can learn:

    • How to utilize the Cvent Community and Knowledge Base of support articles
    • Where to find Cvent Academy training and certification offerings
    • How to use in-product guides to learn more
    • Where to find the latest announcements from Cvent
    • How to contact Cvent's award-winning support team

    Ask Your Peers

    Have questions? Get direct answers, tips, and tricks from fellow Cvent users.

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    Contact Support

    Need personal assistance with a critical issue? Get in touch with Cvent Support.

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    Explore the Knowledge Base

    Browse helpful articles, view interactive tutorials, and get in-depth product walkthroughs.

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