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Keeping Your Cvent Account Data Clean: Best Practices for Organizing, Streamlining, and Maximizing Efficiency

By Megan Burns posted 02-08-2024 11:02


With spring cleaning right around the corner, the Cvent Client Success Team is excited to share best practices for organizing your account, removing irrelevant information, and introducing features you might be unaware of.

Managing Event Users and User Roles

User Roles allow you to determine a user’s visibility to specific aspects of your account and events. As roles change, don’t forget to update the permissions of certain user roles, and update individual user roles as it makes sense. Another area that is often overlooked is the account email addresses associated with your account. You are able to update which email address you would like to set as the default and set those no longer in use as inactive.

Managing Contacts

As life happens, your event contacts may be updating their title, company, and/or their name. This can cause duplicated contacts to be created in your address book. Within Cvent you can merge up to three duplicated contacts into one, to eliminate information that may no longer be relevant. In addition to merging contacts, we recommend reviewing your contact groups and deleting the ones you no longer use. This is also a good time to identify any contacts that have opted-out, and determine next steps.  

Managing Access Portal(s)

An Access Portal allows you to share event related content, such as reports, with stakeholders who may not have Cvent access. It is important to ensure relevant information is shared with those stakeholders. We recommend that you update visibility as well as remove any outdated content on a regular basis. You should also review Access Portal Users and User Groups, and update accordingly. 

Managing Libraries

Within Cvent you have access to a Media, Document, and Video Library. To help categorize the content in these libraries you have the ability to create folders. Usually, planners will group the content by event or year. It is important to take inventory of any content that is no longer needed and remove it.

Managing Your List of Events

Do you have a lot of events taking place at one time? Is it like finding a needle in a haystack when navigating to a specific event? We have a solution for this! Within your account you can create a customized view of your events and decide which events and event details pull into this dashboard view.

Account Administration

Review your current Custom Event Fields and Custom Contact Fields to ensure that they are still needed. Delete any that no longer should be used in your events. This is also a great time to review any existing Event Templates. Update the branding and theme of your templates for the new year. Determine if you need any new templates created, based on your current event program.

Do you have a lot of events in your account, and many different users all working in it? If so, organizing your events using Event Views, would allow you to customize your view of events when logging into Cvent, so you only see the events that are relevant to you. Create these by event type, department, or on an individual user basis. 

In Conclusion

Overall, we have a lot of great features to keep your account organized. We do recommend that you take the time to update the different pieces above on a regular basis. Please visit the Knowledge Base to learn more and share your best practices for account organization in the Open Forum.