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  • 1.  Abstract into Agenda

    Posted 03-26-2024 00:42

    I have over 85 abstract submissions - I create the session in the abstract management section and bring that into the associated event.

    Why ..... why .... is there only one portion of the abstract that can be pulled over in the description?

    Like most submissions, there is an aim, method, result, and conclusion, and co-authors that need to be added. To the best of my knowledge, the only way to do this is to download the agenda, put it into a spreadsheet, copy and paste from the downloaded abstract submission, and then upload back into the agenda.

    This is hugely time-consuming and open to error - why can't the two systems be better integrated?


    Karen McLean
    Conference Makers LimitedNew Zealand

  • 2.  RE: Abstract into Agenda

    Posted 03-28-2024 14:47

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for reaching out and highlighting the use-case for the desired functionality of description generation when creating a session from an accepted abstract submission. Since currently this functionality doesn't fully behave as desired, we recommend submitting your idea in the product ideas section of the Community so that it can be up-voted by other customers and our product team can look at this for a future enhancement. 

    Otherwise, the process you noted for adding the full session descriptions in bulk is a correct method currently. If it may help, if you're not already doing this, you can export a report of your accepted abstract submissions so that you'll have a list of all your submissions and their info contained in one file vs needing to find and open each downloaded submission when you're adding the sessions' descriptions into the agenda spreadsheet to import back into the event. 

    Raana Moltaji
    Senior Client Success Advisor