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  • 1.  Getting a Discount Code to Automatically Apply to Guests

    Posted 01-08-2024 14:50

    I'm doing an event for a university alumni association, and they have a discount code for young alumni with graduation years in the past 10 years.

    I've applied the filters so that only certain registrants can use the discount code - how do I get it to automatically apply to their guests as well?  Most guests are not alumni, so they won't meet the same filter criteria.

    Thank you!


    Sarah Livingston
    Head of Events
    Cornell Hotel Society EMEA RegionNetherlands

  • 2.  RE: Getting a Discount Code to Automatically Apply to Guests
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-11-2024 12:40

    Hi Sarah,

    Within the discount code itself, you'd want to make sure that "this discount can be used by" is set to both invitees and guests and that it is set to automatically apply this discount. However, if you do not want the discount code to apply to all guests, you will also need to add the graduation year field to the guest information page in order to ensure that the discount auto applies to only those who are attending with alumni with certain graduation years. On the guest information page, you can add on that same graduation year custom contact field (I am assuming that is how you have it set up) and then adjust the field label to say something like "Graduation Year of Alumni Attending With" and make sure its required and then that way, the filter on the discount code will apply to primary registrants and their guests who meet the graduation year criteria. Creating Discount Codes

    Julia Plymack
    Senior Client Success Manager