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  • 1.  Issues with syncing when using a Cvent/Salesforce App

    Posted 09-01-2023 09:19

    Hi fellow admins,

    I am a new admin trying to learn and navigate issues with Cvent/Salesforce App at the same time. This is a problem we are experiencing:

    We have a "Member type" field that didn't sync correctly on one of the contacts. This resulted in the contact paying a wrong price for an event (non-member VS member, which he is). His member type is showing different in Cvent from what he is in Salesforce. After playing with this specific field on this specific contact (changing to a different member type and checking with Cvent after the sync), the member type stayed the same (did not sync).


    If anyone has any ideas on where to look to check for troubleshooting, I would much appreciate it! We are in touch with the support, but it's taking some time.


    P.S. Obviously, I have checked the field mapping to make sure the "Member Type" field is mapped to Cvent in the first place :)

    Thank you,



    Kseniya Galayda
    Systems and Member Services Manager
    NC Dental SocietyUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Issues with syncing when using a Cvent/Salesforce App

    Posted 09-06-2023 08:20

    Hi Kseniya,

    Here are a couple of things you can check:

    • What data field is the main sync field to sync the correct Cvent contact to the correct SF contact? Are those fields the same in both places?
    • Confirm you don't have a duplicate in once place or the other. Compare:
      • first/last name
      • email address
      • phone number
      • SF Contact ID

    Typically, we find that when there is a sync issue, it's due to one of these issues and we are able to correct the data and get it to sync once the culprit is corrected. In our case it's usually a SF vs HubSpot ID issue. 

    Lori Wildman
    Marketing Director
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.United States

  • 3.  RE: Issues with syncing when using a Cvent/Salesforce App

    Posted 09-15-2023 09:40

    Hi Kseniya,

    I agree with Lori's response/areas to check in configuration. One thing I might add/want to confirm: in order to get the correct SF membership field into Cvent, how are you adding those SF contacts/leads to Cvent?

    1. Is it through using one of the invite/add to invite list flows we've built into the app (ie: allowing invite to event from the contact/lead pages, the cvent event object page, and/or using campaigns)?
      1. If using this method, as mentioned, be sure you have the fields mapped, and check the direction it maps (IE: you can select that it maps from SF to Cvent, and whether you want it to also update from Cvent to SF if it changes during registration).
      2. I would also confirm the fields are correct and use a test event to sync contacts accordingly.
      3. As Lori mentioned, I would also confirm that it is syncing the correct contacts, and that the contact is successfully seen on the Cvent-side. As part of this testing you may want to do something like add the SF contact ID and create the same field on Cvent end, test some syncs, and check on the Cvent side that you are seeing the correct SF contact related to the corresponding Cvent contact.
    2. Or are you using our custom ID process to retrieve the Cvent fields after inputting their name and unique ID (email in Cvent)?
      1. If this is the method you're using, be sure that you separate your Cvent ID confirmation widget (ie: name and email) onto page 1 of registration. The way the custom ID option works, we will not retrieve the SF contact/lead fields until after they click next, so it is imperative you put your identification fields on it's own page. That way, when a registrant clicks Next, we ping SF and try to find a match on email, and if found, can populate any fields into the Cvent contact record and thus get them to the correct reg type and pricing, etc...

    Other general things to check:

    Are there any systems/processes in place on the Cvent end that can update a member field?

    Which Cvent field are you using to track membership? (ie: are you using Contact Type, or are you using Cvent membership management)?

    I hope this is helpful, though if you still have questions/issues, please call customer care or open a ticket and we'd be happy to investigate this more for you. 

    Ryan Costa
    Mas33United States

  • 4.  RE: Issues with syncing when using a Cvent/Salesforce App

    Posted 09-20-2023 01:01

    You've got some good answers below already, but I'd add that if its 1 person, and you know the info is correct inSalesforce but it isn't syncing to Cvent correctly, just make the edit directly in Cvent. That obviously doesn't work if it might be a more widespread issue, but sometimes you just need a workaround. 

    Elena PEREZ
    SEIU - UHWUnited States

  • 5.  RE: Issues with syncing when using a Cvent/Salesforce App

    Posted 10-02-2023 09:46

    I second all this - great answers.  I have had to manually adjust a few (touchnet issues vs salesforce).  It was easier for me to go in and do it on a case/case basis. If it's a loto I'd suggest putting in a ticket.  I also had issues with Touchnet sync BUT it was when we handled refunds because it was a "one way" bridge. I had to refund in Touchnet, then go into Cvent to manually note the refund.

    Lesley Irminger
    George Mason - Office Of University EventsUnited States

  • 6.  RE: Issues with syncing when using a Cvent/Salesforce App

    Posted 10-04-2023 14:10

    Lots of great suggestions already - might be a manual suggest situation unfortunately! 

    Olivia Popofski
    Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and AffiliatesUnited States