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Quarterly Product Updates - Q3 2022

  • 1.  Quarterly Product Updates - Q3 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-15-2022 11:09
    Below you will find the full list of Q3 2022 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates to share on #AttendeeHub#Event(Flex)#EventDiagramming, #MeetingsManagement,  #VenueSourcing#OnsiteSolutions#Surveys#Appointments, and Integrations. 

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on October 13 to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event strategy. You'll also get the chance to join our hour-long Q&A to ask live questions to our Product Managers!​


    Attendee Hub® 

    Embedded experience for interactive (collaborative) sessions 

    We are excited to announce the release of a new embedded experience in Attendee Hub for interactive (collaborative) sessions, which allows you to do the following: 

    • Ability for you to configure the session's video settings to leverage the embedded experience for interactive (collaborative) sessions 
    • Hosts/speakers/moderators can join and participate in the session within Attendee Hub. 
    • Attendees can join, collaborate and watch the session content within Attendee Hub. 
    • Attendees can 'raise hand' to actively participate in the session and return as an observer after they've finished contributing to the conversation. 
    • Ability to view the list of attendees in the session when actively participating. 
    • Ability for you to get the attendee's duration data using reports. 


    Profile: Connections (Event App) 

    Connections are now available on the Profile within the Event App so that attendees can now connect with other attendees and view other attendees'their Connections as well as easily view their Mutual Connections. 
    This enhances the Connections feature to build familiarity between attendees and break down barriers by fostering a sense of shared community. This givesprovides attendees yet another avenue and motivation to connect with one another. Connections  which, in turn, allows usCvent Attendee Hub to better tailor the our  networking recommendation engine based on these connections. 


    Attendee Hub Page Banners 

    Banners give you a way to promote event-specific messaging or increase sponsorship opportunities in an impactful formatmanner. You can configure banners from App Builder that appear in the Attendee Hub Exhibitors page. Supported banners include text-only, inset-image, and full-width images and can also be scheduled to always appear, never appear, or a custom schedule. 


    Additional Multi-Lingual Support 

    The following features are now supported in multi-lingual Attendee Hub events (Both App & Web): 

    • Import-Export functionality for Attendee Hub keys in language management 
    • Manual Selector on Web Login Page 
    • Attendee Messaging 
    • Instant Networking 
    • Premium feedback survey 
    • Terms of use 
    • Time Zone Abbreviation translation 
    • Gamification 
    • Discussions 
    • Polling 
    • Upgrade admission item pages 
    • Interactive Floor Plan 


    Text Discussions Image Time Extension 

    Previously in Text Discussions, images that were uploaded within the chat only had a lifespan of 7 days. After the 7 days passed, the images were replaced with a blank state. With this release, the images will be available in the chat for as long as the chat is live. 

    Removal of Text Labels from the Cvent Events App bottom navigation bar

    The text labels from the Cvent Events App bottom navigation bar have been removed. This change should remove translation issues that were coming up regarding the bottom navigation bar. 

    Open Authorization for Attendee Hub Standalone 

    You are no longer required to use the registration/website features in order to have SSO enabled in the Attendee Hub. 


    Exhibitor Opt-in question updates 

    We have introduced the ability to edit exhibitor opt-in questions and answer texts even after an attendee has answered the question. You can also now translate the questions and answer choices using language management. As a reminder, you must be on the latest version of the event app to see these updates. 


    Increased Personalization with Question Link Logic 

    Streamline and personalize your registration process, by using this new logic to ask your attendees questions relevant to them. Link logic lets you personalize a question's answer choices based on a previous question's response during registration. 


    More Control over Event Access with Blocklists 

    Planners can now associate blocklists to their events. This gives you better control of your event access by blocking selected contacts from registering and even gives you the ability to display a custom message that will display when they try to register. Apply these however makes sense for you, whether it's across all events, or to a specific single event.  


    Ability to Update Session Registrations for Hybrid Events 

    Make bulk changes to your session registrations with the capacity count for your different attendee types in mind.  You can register or unregister up to 1000 attendees at once and the system will automatically recognize the capacities for in-person and virtual settings. 


    Display tax-inclusive prices during registration

    You now have the option to show your registrants the total cost of any item upfront, inclusive of taxes, so that they can be aware of the total cost.  This makes it easy to ensure compliance with your country's laws regarding how to properly display prices.  


    Event Vouchers Planner Alert 

    Stay on top of your event vouchers by using alerts any time a voucher code is used by Invitee. This can be manually added or imported when creating vouchers via the import process. For more customization, you can even set up a single alert for all event vouchers or choose to separate alerts by choosing specific voucher codes. 


    Air Actuals Opt Out & Tracking 

    Air Actuals widget will display options to help planners keep track of which attendees opt out of providing their pre-booked flight details.  You will also be able to easily access reports to have visibility into the invitees who opted out from entering the flight details. 


    GetThere Integration

    You can now use GetThere integration in your registration (flex) events. This gives invitees an easy path to the GetThere website to make their flight bookings.  Once booked, the flight information is sent directly Cvent to be saved as Air Actuals. 

    Registration Waitlist updates 

    Previously, the waitlist was enabled automatically in the registration path created by default on event creation. We have enhanced the registration waitlist functionality so this is now disabled by default and you will need to enable it manually. 

    Website and Registration Preview button on all pages in Events 

    Website and Registration Preview button will be available on all pages, if any of the website or registration feature is enabled in the event. 

    Spend & Workflow

    New Budget 

    The Budget module has been reimagined to improve the overall user experience. With New Budget, we've added a Budget Summary dashboard, new Budget Admin configuration settings, an enhanced Budget Item grid, and improved Budget item creation workflows. 


    New Budget Card Integrations 

    The Citi Virtual Card integration has been redesigned to be part of the new Budget module. We've added a new card transactions home page, virtual card types, flows for managing and distributing virtual cards, transaction matching workflows, and currency conversion for transaction matching. 

    For users using the Legacy Budget module, there are a couple of small UI changes that have been incorporated for the Amex Meeting Card integration as well. 


    Simple RFP within Access Portal 

    Simple RFP allows Access Portal users to search for venues, send RFPs, and compare proposals. Cvent account admins can set parameters and controls around this process. With Simple RFP, you can filter your search by preferred venues, utilize Simple Sourcing policies, pre-populate your request forms, and much more! 

    RFP data sent from an Access Portal integrates back into Cvent's Cvent Supplier Network solution, so you can view and manage data properly.  Simple RFPs will be identified to a hotel with a unique lead source called Cvent Simple Meetings. 


    Enhancements to Access Portal Requests and Event List 

    The Access Portal "Requests and Events" list has been enhanced for your overall usability.  We have updated the table to include pagination, which is a set number of records per page. This provides even better performance of the page, especially for portals with a lot of guest users.   


    Access Portal SSO Enhancements  

    Access Portal (AP) users can now sign in via Single Sign-On (SSO) and immediately reach a Meeting Request Form (MRF), without needing to land on the AP login page and click "Login with SSO". You also have the ability to customize the text on the AP Login Page SSO Button. 


    Enhancements to Sleeping Room Requirement Grid on Meeting Request Form 

     The Sleeping Room Requirement (SRR) Grid on the Meeting Request Form (MRF) will now allow users to populate all rows based on the event dates or choose to build out the rows of the grid manually. 

    • Requesters and Planners can now skip dates in the SRR grid and will no longer be forced to enter 0s for dates that do not require room nights 
    • The rows of the SRR grid will no longer be hard coded based on the event dates and will now allow users to select needed dates using a calendar date picker 
    • If a client has chosen to hide the SRR grid after submission of a meeting request form, requesters will no longer be blocked from submitting updates to their Meeting Requests if they have edited the event dates 


    Enhancements to Viewing/Editing Submitted MRFs 

     Navigation buttons for submitted meeting requests on the planner side of Cvent can now be found in a persistent navigational bar that can always be seen by the user. Single page and multi-page meeting requests will have the new navigational bar.  

     Planner users can now edit and save submitted requests from any page as well. You can jump to any page with the left navigation, you can make edits on any page you would like, and you can save the request from any page.   


    Order Details & Transactions Rest API 

    You will be able to use the Rest API to GET orders and order details related to transactions for attendees. 


    Rest API External attendee activities 

    External attendee activities allows you store the interaction/engagement data occurring outside Cvent to understand the attendee's journey completely. Key highlights of the feature are:

    • Ability for account administrators to configure the external activities meta data using admin UI. 
    • Ability for developers to utilize public APIs to create/update/delete meta data and API to publish/store the external activities of attendees in Cvent. 

    Rest API Order Details & Transactions 

    You will be able to use the Rest API to GET orders and order details related to transactions for attendees. 

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Adding Custom Question from Library 

    With Add from Library, you will be able to add Questions from the Library to a RFP. 
    You will be able to view folders from both Admin and Preferred Library and can select question to be added to the RFP. 

    Onsite Solutions

    OnArrival Version 3.69 
    The newest version of Onarrival now allows you to do the following: 

    • QuickScan support for duration tracking sessions 
    • Support for 4 additional languages: Slovenian, Hungarian, Croatian, and Serbian 


    OnArrival Android 1.25 

    OnArrival Android 1.25 includes 2 new session scanning types: Open Door Mode and Duration-Tracking Mode. 

    Open Door Mode allows multiple check-ins for attendees. The first check in marks participation and every other check in is captured as an encounter and available in reports and attendee details. Duration 

    Tracking Mode allows attendees to check in > check out > re-enter > check out (etc), to track duration for in-person attendees. Similarly to open door mode, the first check in marks participation and every other check in/out is captured as an encounter and available in reports and OA attendee details. This is limited to a single device, under 200 attendance sessions at this time. Only admin mode scanning as this is not supported for kiosk mode 


    New Appointment API available in Universal API 

    You can use the API 'Cancel Appointments' to cancel one or more existing appointments in an event, which enables you to action on hundreds of meetings within a matter of minutes. 

    New Appointments APIs available

    We can now better support those who have appointment programs that are generated from an external system by simplifying the process of getting the meetings into our appointments solution. The New APIs include 'List Available Times' and 'Create Appointments'. 

    You can use the API 'List Available Times' to retrieve a complete list of available time slots in your event to understand where and when appointments can be booked. You can use the API 'Create Appointments' to import one or more appointments, allowing you to schedule hundreds of meetings within a matter of minutes. 




    Timed Survey 

    You can now configure a time limit on non-event surveys. The time limit applies to the whole survey, not per question. 
    For respondents, this means that the survey must be submitted within the planner configured time limit. If the survey is not submitted within the limit, then the survey will be auto submitted when the time is up. 


    Multi-Lingual Support for Assessments 

    You can now add multi-lingual support to assessment so attendees can take them in their preferred language. Language will be added automatically based on what is configured for the event. You will need to add the language widget to the assessment page in Site Designer. 



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