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  • 1.  Replicating an RFP

    Posted 01-18-2023 15:28
    How can I replicate an RFP that is for a meeting with similar needs/content, just different dates.  Such as a meeting that has several waves?

    Diane Hamilton
    Releve UnlimitedUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Replicating an RFP

    Posted 01-18-2023 16:41
    Edited by Benedicte Yturralde 01-18-2023 16:41
    Hi Diane,

    I actually do this all the time.   I tried to write this down step by step on how I do this:

    - Click on CREATE NEW RFP and then a new box should pop up where you can select what kind of RFP you want to create. See screenshot below:
    - Click on COPY AN EXISTING RFP and then click on NEXT at the bottom.

    - You will then see a list of all of your RFPs (Active and Awarded) so you can then select the RFP you would like to copy.
    - Click NEXT at the bottom and it will then first pull up a screen with all the suppliers that were attached to the RFP that you copied from.  You can either deselect them or keep them.  This depend of course if you may be searching in the same destination or not.

    - Once you either confirmed the supplier selection or deselected them, you will click NEXT again.

    - Now you will see the copied RFP with a blank RFP name.
    - You can enter the new RFP/Meeting name and adjust all dates and any details that may be different. 

    ---> All items should be the exact same in the 'copied' RFP, including any custom questions.
    ---> If searching in a new destination you will of course now need to add suppliers/venues that you want to contact.

    Hope this might be helpful and there may also be a link to instructions if you search in the CVENT Knowledge base.

    Benedicte Yturralde
    Director, Global Accounts
    HelmsBriscoe - USA & Canada