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  • 1.  Zapier to pull data from Salesforce

    Posted 05-09-2024 08:39
    Edited by Tina Chang 05-09-2024 08:46

    I am using a Zapier to pull attendee records from Salesforce and insert into Cvent. The steps are -- when there is a new attendee record in Salesforce --> in Cvent, find the contact, if not found, create a contact (matching by email) --> in Cvent, in the event, find the attendee record, if not found, create an attendee record (matching by Cvent contact ID.)

    When I tested each step in Zapier, there was no error. But after I activated the Zapier and let it run automatically, I got an error "contact duplicate contact already exists." I don't think I can omit the step "find/create contact in Cvent" because I need the Cvent contact email or ID to find/create the attendee record in Cvent. I don't know why the error. If contact exists, why simply skip the step? I don't see anything else I can flag so in the step.

    Any insight is appreciated.  


    Tina Chang
    Deputy Director, Operations
    Food & Drug Law InstituteUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Zapier to pull data from Salesforce

    Posted 05-14-2024 12:25

    Hi Tina,

    We can use the trigger that's called " Create new/update existing" so that it can take action accordingly. If that has already been done, I would suggest reaching out to your Account team so that they can schedule a call with an integration specialist for you.


    Mriganka Agrawal
    Senior Solutions Lead
    productive utilizationUnited States