Solution Evolution Guide: Moving to New Reports

Reasons to get excited about New Reports

Easier to use

It's easier than ever to select the report that matches your needs and use the more modern building and designing tools. New Reporting provides a synopsis of what each report entails prior to any filtering for easy selection.

Extensive customization

Craving a report that is primarily based on Registrant Data but also pulls in Hotel and Travel data? Easily achievable with the hundreds of fields available. Once you've pulled in your desired data, customize how the information is displayed down to the column.

Share with stakeholders

Moving to New Reports opens new doors for sharing with event stakeholders or other non-Cvent users. Once your report is formatted to your liking, you're one click away from publishing this report to your Access Portal.

Graphical Representations

Need to share your data using graphs, charts, or other visuals? Each report offers graphical representations of the data which can easily exported into Excel. You can edit the metrics and decide what you would like to measure.

Three easy steps to get started