Solution Evolution Guide: Moving to New Reports

Step 3: Implement

Train Your Team.

If you have a team of users, ensure everyone is ready to use New Reporting and know where to find these reports within your account (whether it be in your events, surveys, Contact-level, or Admin-level). This may even include a potential third party working in your account. Make sure any guidelines, such as branding, template usage, or required fields/grouping, are documented and communicated appropriately.

Make sure you’ve shared all resources we linked in Step 1: Discover, including the URL for our live online training offering, relevant eLearning modules, our recommended Knowledge Base articles, and the benefits of the Cvent Community.

Build Your Reports.

So, you made your plan. Now it's time to have fun and start building. Need a little help getting the first one off the ground? This article from our Knowledge Base, Running New Reports, will be a great reference point.

Stick to your timeline and continue to keep your goals on the radar.

Leverage Post-Launch Resources.

Reference these helpful articles and training links on how to best take advantage of advanced report editing, grouping, sorting, and sharing your reports to an Access Portal. For more help articles and training offerings, visit the Knowledge Base and Training pages. You can find these in the main Community navigation bar above.

TIP: Reference the New Reports page in the Solution Evolution Hub as you go. This is loaded with helpful resources. Our Customer Support team can help answer any additional specific product questions you have.

Maintain & Enhance Your Reports.

Make sure you and your other users (if applicable) are building a habit of using New Reports.

Iterate on your reports as you learn new tips and tricks or start collecting additional event information, and continue building your reports in the new framework as you continue to launch your events.

Schedule regular check-ins with your Cvent Account Team. They’re here to advise throughout this transition and connect you with the right resources.

We encourage you to track milestones. Share them with us. Share them with your organization.

Ready to Get Started?

We hope this guide gave you a better understanding of how you can approach the transition for your unique organization, as well as helped you feel more prepared for this exciting reporting framework change. So, what are next steps?

  • Take training. If you haven't already, register for Solution Evolution: New Reports and Access Portal Training. This is a weekly live, online training offering.
  • Bookmark the New Reports Solution Evolution Hub page. This page is loaded with New Reports-specific resources to help you as you continue to adopt. You can find a mix of trainings, top articles from the Knowledge Base, short videos, and more.
  • Log in and get started. If you're ready to dive in and try out New Reports, or even just want to play around to get familiar with the new framework, log in to Cvent.
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