Reports (New) Resources

Reports (New) replaces both Legacy Reports (Standard and Custom).

Take advantage of the new visually appealing design and in-app editing and customizing of reports. No more configuring report settings, saving, and re-running multiple times to get the data you're looking for.

You can also display report data in different languages, time zones, and locales per user. Configure your preferences in the My Profile section.

Check out our helpful resources below as you continue adopting the new reporting platform.

Getting Started: Tools to help you get your feet off the ground.

Ready to get started making the switch to New Reports? Check out the below resources.

UPDATED! Legacy Reporting Sunset FAQs

Have questions regarding the upcoming Legacy Reports sunset? This page walks through our most frequently asked questions so you can feel fully prepared for your account's transition to New Reports.

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NEW! Solution Evolution Guide: Moving to New Reports

This guide provides a great overview of the changes within the reporting framework and walks through the stages of discovering, planning for, and implementing this change across your account.

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NEW! Register for live, online training

Join us as we walk through what you need to know on New Reports. We'll help you identify key differences between the old and new reporting platforms as well as show you how to build New Reports step-by-step. Check registration page for date and time offerings.

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Help Article: Report Equivalencies for Legacy Reports

This article compares equivalent features in Legacy/New Reports, guiding you through how to accomplish your goals in the new framework.

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Help Video: Meet Our New Reporting

Watch the recording below to learn the basics of our new reporting structure, including how to run, modify, and export standard reports.

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Help Article: Running New Event Reports

Follow the steps below to successfully run a new Event report and to help you understand the fundamentals of the new Reporting platform.

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Help Article: Reporting on Your Event

This article helps you understand the different report categories, as well as some of the most commonly used reports.

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Help Article: Pulling All Registration Details in One New Event Report

This article will help you understand how to capture any & all registration information in a single report.

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Have questions on New Reports? Get direct answers, tips, and tricks from fellow Cvent users.

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Have quick, one-off questions related to New Reports? Get in touch with Cvent Support.

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Browse other helpful New Reports articles and step-by-step walkthroughs.

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