Legacy Reporting Sunset FAQs

Legacy Reporting Sunset FAQs

 Planned Retirement Date: June 30, 2021


If I copy an event or survey that has saved Standard Reports or Custom Reports, will those copy over? 
No. As of December 15, 2020, any new event or survey (whether created from scratch, copy, or template) will only have our new Reports. 


What does this mean for my saved Reports in Parked Report Groups or Portals? 
Your existing Legacy Reports already published to a Parked Report Group or Portal will not be impacted at this time. The action you are now not able to take (as of December 15, 2020) is creating new Legacy Reports to then publish into your Parked Report Group or Portal. As a reminder, new Reports can be published to an Access Portal. Learn more about new Reports and publishing them to your Access Portal in this live training offering (also available on-demand). 


Does this sunset only apply to my Event reports?
The Legacy Reporting sunset applies across the full Cvent platform - including Cross-Event, Contact, Admin, Survey, Cross-Survey, eMarketing, and Supplier reporting. You are still able to edit any saved Legacy Reports you may have saved before December 15, 2020, and all Legacy Reports across the platform will be fully retired as of June 30, 2021.


If I still have some saved Legacy Reports, am I be able to go back into my old events and surveys and run reports? 
Absolutely! You will not be losing any of this data, all that’s changing is the way you run the reports. New Reports have retroactively been turned on throughout your whole Cvent account. 


Am I able to edit any Legacy Reports I’ve already saved? 
Yes! But as a reminder, Legacy Reports will not be available after June 30, 2021, so we encourage you to start adopting new Reports as soon as possible. 


can’t build a new Report that fits the needs my Legacy Report had. What’s the solution here? 
With this transition to new Reports, it’s important to remember that this is much more than a ‘lift and shift’, but rather a great time to revisit your reports and learn how you can optimize them. There are many new customization options to take advantage of, and there is likely a new Report that fits your needs. Contact our Customer Support team or your Cvent Account Team if you need strategic guidance. 


I need help rebuilding some of my reports. Can Cvent help? 
Our award-winning, 24/7 Customer Support team can help guide you through rebuilding reports in the new framework at anytime. They’re a quick phone call or chat away, or you can submit a case for the team to get back to you at a later time. 


What happens next? When will my saved Legacy Reports totally go away? 
Legacy Reporting will be retired on June 30, 2021. After this time, you will have no access to Legacy Reporting across the Cvent platform. 


What are the best training resources for me to leverage? 
The New Reports Customer Resources Page is where you’ll want to go! Here, you can find training offerings, top support articles from our Knowledge Base, walkthrough videos, and even transition support guides. 


Is there a cost associated with this account change? 
No, new Reports are already available in your account and come at no additional cost with your existing Cvent license. 

Does the sunset of legacy reporting impact Bid Comparison reports

No, the sunset of legacy Reports does not apply to Bid Comparison reports. The Bid Comparison Reports are planner-facing, RFP-Level Reports that provide a one-click side by side comparison of venue responses for a single RFP. These reports live under the Suppliers tab (planner-facing) > click into an RFP > Suppliers & Responses page > Reports (and Legacy Reports house the old version of these reports). That redesign is focused on a new experience for managing the data that pulls into the Bid Comparisons. It is separate of the "New Reports" initiative which focuses on the Cross-Account reports that are found in the top navigation of each blade. Those reports focus on aggregate data across multiple RFPs/Events/Surveys etc.