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The New Experience replaces the Classic Experience. You will be updated to the New Experience in a phased approach throughout the end of 2021. If you want to know when your account is being switched, reach out to your account team.

The New Cvent Experience will make it easier and more efficient than ever to build your event using Cvent’s solutions. We’re bringing all the pieces of the industry’s most powerful Event Marketing and Management software into one centralized command center where you can manage your total events program.  

Cvent’s new experience consists of two components: 

1) An updated user interface built on a state-of-the-art design system. This UI update will bring  all of Cvent’s product into the same modern look and feel. 

2) A reimagined user experience whereby users can access all the tools they need to manage  their total event program from one centralized location. 

Check out our helpful resources below as you continue adopting the new reporting platform. 

Getting Started: Tools to help you get your feet off the ground.

Ready to get started making the switch to the New Experience? Check out the below resources.

Introducing Our New User Experience

Review this article to learn what the New Experience is, what products it applies to, and how you can opt-in within your Cvent account. 

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Help Article: Home Page Overview

In the New Experience, the first page you'll see after opening your event is the home page. From here, you can view valuable setup tips, control feature statuses, and preview event data. 

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New Experience Walkthrough Video

This 15-minute video has an in-depth explanation of what the New Experience is, how to navigate it and what has been updated.

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New Experience Explainer Video 

This short 2-minute video gives you an overview of what’s changing and the benefits of moving over to the New Experience.

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Help Article: What does my Event Status mean? 

As a part of the New Experience, the event statuses have been renamed. Take a look here to get familiar with the new terms.

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Ask Your Peers

Have questions on New Reports? Get direct answers, tips, and tricks from fellow Cvent users.

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Contact Support

Have quick, one-off questions related to New Reports? Get in touch with Cvent Support.

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Explore the Knowledge Base

Browse other helpful New Reports articles and step-by-step walkthroughs.

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