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ICYMI: January 2023 Wrap Up

By Community Manager posted 03-01-2023 15:15

By Daniel Marotta
Senior Manager
Cvent Community Team

Welcome to the In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) series where the Community Team highlights all the popular posts at month-end and the community members that posed the thought-provoking questions or great ideas.

Here are the popular posts for January 2023.


How do you hand out badges at your events? Asked by @Kim Abbott 
Guest responses populating in separate columns in report. Asked by @Letitia Cropps 
Page banner images in app – having trouble with sizing. Asked by @Clare Kluck 
Badges/Guests. Asked by @Lisa Flynn 

Visit any of the above threads to learn best practices and add your personal experience to continue with the conversation.

Poll Results

What event format works the best for you?
The 'Conference' event format works best for the majority of Cvent Community members. Be sure to take our weekly poll.

Delivered Product Ideas

#OnArrival  Add terms and conditions to session level. Submitted by @Jasmine Lemos 
#Appointments  Flex email editor. Submitted by @Kristina Campos 
Appointments Bulk upload appointments. Submitted by @Kristina Campos 
Appointments Appointments – print schedule. Submitted by @Catherine Vigilione
#EventManagement  Add text widget as an option for a sub-question. Submitted by @John Maddox 
Event Management Sub-questions to sub-questions. Submitted by @Becky Roberts 

Thank you to our product idea submitters for voicing what is important to you, the community at-large who voted up the ideas and making Cvent technology better for users and event attendees.

And thank you to all members that contributed to January’s wrap-up!

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts. To be notified about monthly wraps up like this one, subscribe to #Blog or #MonthlyWrap