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ICYMI: April 2023 Wrap Up - Event Management and Attendee Hub Top Courses in Cvent Academy

By Community Manager posted 05-17-2023 08:59

Cvent Community March 2023 Monthly Wrap-up
Welcome to the In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) series where the Community Team highlights all the popular posts at month-end and the community member that posed the thought-provoking question or great idea.
Here are the popular posts for April 2023.


Reordering the columns for the registration extract asked by @William Richardson
Remaining Cvent Registrations in Contract asked by @Shauna Jordan 
Live website not not reflecting public changes in site designer asked by @Amelia Morel 
Emails by Optional Items asked by @Retha Mattern

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Poll Results

The community indicated that Attendee Hub and Event Management courses are top if mind Cvent Academy courses. Be sure to submit your responses to our weekly poll and we’ll share the results next month.

And thanks to all members that contributed to April’s wrap up! Feel free to comment below with your thoughts. To be notified about monthly wrap ups like this one, subscribe to #Blog or #MonthlyWrap