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Community Member Spotlight - Cate Liverman

By Community Manager posted 9 days ago

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Hello Cvent Community,

We are back with our September Member Spotlight. This series aims to highlight and acknowledge stand-out individuals within Community. The idea is that these Cvent users will be able to provide some insight and perspective around their roles, industries, and how they use Cvent. Our team will be hand-picking these individuals based on their Community involvement and Cvent expertise.

With that said, our next Member Spotlight features... (insert drumroll sound effect)

                @Cate Liverman 

Cate Liverman headshot for September Member Spotlight

Meet Cate

Director-Constituent Relations, UVA Medical Alumni Association and Medical School Foundation.

Specializing in the Education, Event/Meeting Management, and Non-Profit industries.

I graduated from the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, in 2008 and quickly started my career in alumni engagement at my alma mater, first at the UVA Alumni Association, then at the UVA Medical Alumni Association. 

Over the past 15 years, I have held similar roles and responsibilities managing every aspect of alumni engagement; from event planning, budget and contract negotiation, to managing alumni volunteers and strategizing high-level engagement methods. Along with all in the industry, the pandemic forced me to rethink the practices, effectiveness and efficiency of existing programs and adjust operations to respond to the evolving needs of our constituents. 

Cate is also an active member of our Non-Profit Organizations or Associations User Group

You can find and connect with Cate on LinkedIn here:

@Kameron Kidd was able to connect with Cate and ask her some questions.

Can you share a little about your current role at the company you work for?

As the Director of Constituent Relations at the UVA Medical Alumni Association, I oversee the engagement of current students, house staff, faculty, and alumni of the UVA School of Medicine. This includes student and alumni events, volunteer programs, milestone celebrations for students, mentorship and host programs, and donor stewardship. From event planning details and engagement strategy development, to marketing, record keeping, and registration systems, I touch every part of the process to create a successful engagement program.

How long have you been using Cvent and what products do you currently use?

I have been a Cvent customer for about 10 years in two different roles at the University of Virginia. I currently use the Events platform and am exploring the new Webinar product.

Do you have a favorite event or venue that you've been to?

I really enjoy hosting events at Charlottesville Vineyards! The beautiful views and wonderful farm-to-table food and wine truly show off the beauty of our corner of the world. Alumni love returning to Charlottesville to visit for exactly these reasons!

Do you have a favorite Cvent article or training that you think really helped you be successful with Cvent technology?

I have found the Cvent Academy trainings to be great! I particularly liked this one on Event Communications, as it gave me and my team some strategies for creating event promotion and communications, while also offering fundamentals to using the Cvent email platform efficiently and effectively. These trainings often offer hands-on opportunities so you can leave a training feeling well informed and practiced. I also really like the Community Forums, through which you can ask questions to professionals and other users and get real-time answers to specific challenges you may have.

Are you Cvent certified and if so which certifications do you hold? Do those certifications help you train others? Have they played a role in advancing your career in some way?

Yes, I have a number of industry and product certifications for Event Professionals. The trainings have helped me become an expert on the Cvent platform, as well as be fully informed of the offerings and opportunities through Cvent so I may advise my team and leadership on what platforms will be most beneficial to our use.

How have you helped others within your organization be successful with Cvent technology?

I have served as a consultant for many other departments at UVA looking to use the Cvent system. Additionally, I have helped create event reports for others and helped them navigate the system.

For those who are just starting with Cvent, what advice would you share with them?

The Cvent team is great and willing to help! They want to set you up for success and provide lots of opportunities for training. While you can pay for support teams at Cvent to assist with your event builds, they have created a platform that is easy to manage yourself. I encourage you to do the trainings and arm yourself with the skills to manage your own registration systems and websites.

What is your favorite Cvent feature and why? 

Customizable reports in the Registration system. It sounds simple, but the registration platform is the best I have worked with (and I’ve worked with many, (from EventBrite, Signup Genius, and ConstantContact, to home-grown systems) and it has made my job so much easier.

Huge thanks to Cate for her time and contributions to the Community. As a small token of appreciation, Cate will be receiving a Cvent care package.
Anyone with comments or questions can respond below. 

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3 days ago

Congratulations, @Cate Liverman!! Thank you for sharing your Cvent journey with us.