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Unlock the Full Potential of Cvent Community Search

By Community Manager posted 11-28-2023 15:39

Cvent Community Search Results Page

We recently released a new search experience within the Community. The search results page will continue to display Knowledge Base articles, but now you can see search results for peer-to-peer forum discussions, and training modules. In this same release, we also made it easier for you to filter for Knowledge Base articles containing videos.

**Tips to help accelerate your search success:

  • Be as descriptive as possible – Input full sentences, phrases, or string of keywords into the search box to maximize your chances of seeing a solution in the top search results. 
    Cvent Community Enterprise Search Input Box
  • Tag your discussions and questions - After you input your full sentence into the search box, the search engine will first look for matched content within the title, body copy, and associated tag. The tag feature offers additional filtering to hone in on a solution. So always tag your new discussion or question. 
    Cvent Community Enterprise Search Tag
  • Toggle based on your preferred learning style - Use the additional filter options on the search results page to narrow in on Knowledge Base articles for step-by-step product how-tos, Discussions for peer-to-peer product solutions, hacks, and workarounds, and Training for in-depth formal event tech upskilling. 
    Cvent Community Enterprise Search Content Type Filter

Over time, we will continue to enhance the search experience by adding more how-to videos for visual learners, more filters to minimize the noise, and more content types to cater to all types of Cvent technology learners.

Give the new enhanced search a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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12-01-2023 06:44

I needed this feature recently, so I'm so glad to see it is available now for when it comes up in the future!