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  • 1.  required group sessions with waitlists

    Posted 05-13-2024 12:31


    I want to know if I could use session waitlist with session group when a selection is required.  During testing it looked like I could use both but then if they joined a waitlist they couldn't also select an open session.  I want groups with required selection because they can't have more than one session during this time frame and stakeholders have made clear that participation in this part of the event is mandatory.  However, I wanted to allow for some backend maneuverability after registration was complete.

    I was thinking it would work more like you pick a session with availability but if what you really wanted was full, you could be put on a waitlist in case of cancelation or session size increase.  Then we as backend users would be able to know which sessions were more popular, and if we were able to, add more space to the most popular sessions. Then we would manually switch the attendee from their selected session to their waitlist request.  This is how my city manages highly popular kids swimming lessons and I was hoping to be able to do the same but I can't figure out a good way to do it.  Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


    Melinda Z.


    Melinda Zerr
    Executive Assistant
    Brandt Tractor LtdCanada

  • 2.  RE: required group sessions with waitlists
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-13-2024 16:59

    Hi Melinda,

    Wondering if instead of session groups, you could explore using the highlighted advanced settings within your admission item(s) as this would allow you to set a minimum and maximum number of sessions that registrants must/can select when going through the registration process and you can also choose whether or not to count waitlisted sessions towards these limits or not:

    Julia Plymack
    Senior Customer Success Manager

  • 3.  RE: required group sessions with waitlists

    Posted 05-15-2024 10:25

    hi Melinda,

    I would recommend what Julia suggested above with the admission type tied to the advanced rule. I set this up recently for a large in person event (approx. 11K) and my one suggestion (learned the hard way) is limit the number of sessions an invitee can select and to include the waitlist session.  Since there's no bulk action currently available in Cvent to remove the waitlist sessions for an invitee and you need to remove the invitee from the waitlisted sessions in order to manually register them in a selected session from the backend.   Definitely some changes I'll be making with the waitlist options for next month's reg site as this event is reoccuring.   

    Hope this helps.

    Jenn Wang
    Global Virtual Event Manager
    Ernst & Young LLP