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    How have you used Cvent to streamline your own SMM program? It helps us to lay out in detail what we need to know from the customer and helps the customer visualize in detail the program. It gives us ...

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    Cvent's meeting request form helped us centralize all the meetings across our organization and set up policies for different types of meetings. Event Management helped us to have consistent branding across ...

  • Hi all! We're excited to share our next Tip of the Week . You may have seen last week's Product News post sharing details on our #CSNBusinessIntelligence : Actionable Insights Customization release. ...

  • Discussion

    Hi Stacy, These are great tips, and we have found the same thing as you - adding additional clauses to protect ourselves is a new one for us. Thankfully, all but one venue we were contracted with did the ...

  • Discussion

    How have you used Cvent to streamline your own SMM program? I would love to streamline both my virtual and in-person events into Cvent but having some challanges with cost compared to other meeting ...

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