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  • While annual sales kickoff events (SKOs) used to be predominantly in-person affairs, they have evolved in recent years to include a mix of event formats, from virtual to hybrid. If you're responsible ...

  • Proving ROI has never been simple (or easy!) when it comes to events. And picking the wrong event type for your business, your purpose, and your audience, can have disastrous consequences. Let's explore ...

  • I need to get some of my certifications renewed, so I'm excited for the Cvent academy redesign. ------------------------------ Beth Vriesen [Designation] Events Registration Admin Associated Bank Corporation ...

  • I appreciate all the trainings Cvent Academy has to offer; I just picked up another certification last month as well! ------------------------------ Tori Martinez, Cvent Certified Event Technology Specialist ...

  • I have fallen in love all over again with Cvent Academy's redesign, learning paths and expansive content <3 ------------------------------ Hallie Loeb Event Operations Specialist CDW United States - ...

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