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Community Member Spotlight - Cassandre Therrien

By Community Manager posted 03-14-2024 14:56

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Hello Cvent Community, 

Welcome to the March edition of our Member Spotlight series, where we shine a spotlight on exceptional Community members. This series aims to celebrate standout individuals within our community, showcasing their unique insights, perspectives, and experience. Chosen for their active participation and expertise, our spotlights promise to bring you a captivating glimpse into the journey and contributions of our featured members. 

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So, without further ado, let's unveil our remarkable community star for this month!

     @Cassandre Therrien

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Meet Cassandre

I've always lived in Quebec, Canada, in a few different cities. I graduated in communications in 2013 and have always worked in marketing and event management. I didn't join a travel agency until 2019, and I was hooked! Today, I'm a Technology Coordinator at Laurier Du Vallon in the MICE department.

Cassandre is an active member of our System Admins and Third Party Event Planning Agencies' user groups

You can find and connect with Cassandre on LinkedIn here:

@Kameron Kidd was able to have a chat with Cassandre and ask her some questions.

Can you share a little about your current role at the company you work for?

As a Technology Coordinator at Laurier Du Vallon in the MICE department, my work is divided into two parts.

As a coordinator, I help customers organize their trips and conventions. I look for the most appropriate destinations, hotels, flights, and activities according to their budget and needs. On the technology side, I'm in charge of Cvent and all the apps we use in the department.

How long have you been using Cvent and what products do you currently use?

I've been using Cvent since 2019 (with a little pandemic break).

We use everything from Registration, Attendee Management, Reports, Attendee Hub app, Supplier Network and Access Portal. 

Do you have a favorite event or venue that you've been to?

I went to Banff with a group and the view at the Sky Bistro was breathtaking. I don't have any photos of the place, but the scenery in that town is beautiful.

Are you Cvent certified and if so which certifications do you hold? Do those certifications help you train others? Have they played a role in advancing your career in some way?

I'm certified in Event Management and Attendee Hub.

Unfortunately, I don't think Cvent is very well known in Quebec. I’m sure that having this knowledge has helped me understand event and travel management better.

How have you helped others within your organization be successful with Cvent technology?

I was hired to learn this platform from scratch and implement it in the department. It took a while to get used to working differently, but now we use Cvent to manage our registrations, send RFPs, create our rooming lists, track flight bookings, etc. Today, we couldn't do without it!

For those who are just starting with Cvent, what advice would you share with them?

Dig in! Browse through some of the courses, then go and rummage the platform! There are so many different sections and settings in Cvent that even if you look at all the courses, you won't understand the platform until you've gone through it.

What is your favorite Cvent feature and why? 

My favorite function is Registration.

I've created templates for our different types of events. I love learning about a customer's specific needs and thinking about how I can adjust the current form to meet it.

Huge thanks to Cassandre for her time and contributions to the Community. We're looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish in 2024! As a small token of appreciation, Cassandre will receive a Cvent care package. 

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03-18-2024 10:46

Congratulations on your career and thank you for sharing your story, @Cassandre Therrien. I had to check out Sky Bistro after reading this and you weren't kidding, incredible!

03-15-2024 15:43


That was a fantastic read and great learning about your experiences with Cvent!