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ICYMI April 2024 Wrap Up - Maximize Image Impact and Accessibility with HTML Techniques

By Community Manager posted 05-16-2024 14:19

May 2023 Monthly Wrap-up

Welcome back for the April 2024 edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly retrospective look at all the amazing happenings in Cvent Community brought to you by the Cvent Community Team. We'll cover discussion highlights, event trends, new product features, the incredible members who made them possible, and updates from the peeps here at Cvent. 

Here are the popular posts for April 2024.

Discussions w/Best Answers

2024 Cvent CONNECT Sessions asked by @Beline Falzon
Missing Published Reports asked by @Kelly Whitted
Limit choices to a specific quota in the registration process asked by @Javier Hernandez | Best Answer provided by @Tori Martinez
Adding a small photo to workshop page asked by @Jen Mountney | Best answer provided by @Erica Wise
Image Alt Text and HTML Heading Tag asked by @Rachel Kuper | Best Answer provided by @Julia Plymack

Visit any of the above threads to learn creative solutions to common, and sometimes not-so-commons, product challenges. Add to the solution if you have an alternative workflow.

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Poll Results

Almost an even split on which trend will dominate the industry this year; Hybrid events with in-person & virtual elements and Large-scale in-person events with enhanced safety measures. Plan for both!

Participate in our weekly poll and we'll display the results in next month's wrap up.

Member Spotlight

@Becky Yousif, Senior System Admin of Event Technology of a large tech company, was our community member of the month! Check out their story, career accomplishments, and how they perform the magic behind the curtains of events. Network with them by adding them as a contact.

Notable Mentions

Key Takeaways from Cvent's Q1 Association & Non-Profit Networking Meetup - In February, Cvent hosted the Association & Non-Profit Virtual Meetup, focusing on attendee networking/engagement, marketing communications, and event technology strategy. Key takeaways included strategies to increase attendee involvement, such as using incentives and gamification, as well as the importance of tracking the attendee journey and utilizing post-event surveys for feedback. The meetup also highlighted the need to stay current on innovative event technologies and explore tools like audience segments and notifications for staffing. The next meetup is scheduled for May 15.

A Modern Planner's Must-Haves for Success: Event Tech Skills! - Event planners need to sharpen their event technology skills to stay competitive in the industry. With the increasing investment in event technology, planners who can automate processes, effectively manage data, enhance marketing efforts, troubleshoot technical issues, and adapt to industry trends have a clear advantage. Cvent Academy offers certifications to help planners develop these skills and boost their professional growth.

Thanks to all members that contributed to April's wrap up and for elevating everyone's knowledge on how to best user Cvent tech. Comment below if you came across a tip that helped you out and drop a link to it. Cheers!

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Daniel Marotta
Senior Manager
Cvent Community Team