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Highlights from the Higher Education Office Hours Event - February 2024

By Kylie Ott posted 02-26-2024 11:29


Recently, higher education users of Cvent came together for the Higher Education Office Hours event, where they engaged in discussions on a range of important topics. Here are some key highlights from the conversations that occurred during the breakout sessions:

  1. Commencement:
    During the breakout session on commencement, attendees received valuable insights on effectively managing these events using Cvent. The discussion covered invitation lists, registration invitations, and the timeline for planning commencements. Specific fields, such as photos and family photos were also addressed, and the suggestion of streaming commencements on YouTube was made. The time-saving benefits of event replication were emphasized, as this is the easiest process for our planners to follow for annual events.
  2. Integrations:
    The breakout session on integrations revolved around the successful use of Cvent with other platforms. Attendees shared their experiences with platforms like Salesforce, Ellucian, and homegrown databases. Overall, attendees felt that integrations provided time-saving advantages and expressed their reliance on them for various activities such as registration, attendance tracking, and post-registration engagement.
  3. Open Networking:
    During the breakout session focused on open networking, attendees had the chance to engage in discussions regarding their experiences with intake forms and address book management. Several tools, including Cvent Meeting Request Forms, Asana, and Google Forms, were mentioned as effective options for managing intake forms. Attendees also shared their difficulties with duplicate records in the address book and expressed their desire to achieve cleaner data and minimize duplicate work, especially when it comes to alumni and their spouses. It was recommended to take time to merge the duplicate records, and to group them according to department for a more organized address book.

Overall, the Higher Education Office Hours event was a fantastic platform for higher education professionals using Cvent to come together, share knowledge, and learn from one another. Attendees gained valuable insights into optimizing commencement events, harnessing the power of integrations, and enhancing open networking practices. These conversations provided attendees with practical takeaways that they can implement in their respective institutions.

The presentation discussed in the meeting is now available for all attendees of the Higher Education Hub event through the Attendee Hub. We are excited to welcome you back on May 21st at 2pm ET. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so by clicking here.