Solution Evolution Guide: Moving to Attendee Hub

What is Cvent Attendee Hub®?
Attendee Hub is Cvent’s revolutionary platform that supports both virtual events and onsite engagement. With an Attendee Hub license, you’ll get access to create a website and event app to host your event – be it virtual, hybrid, or in-person.

Why should you move to Attendee Hub?

Easy access

Attendee Hub eliminates the need to jump between separate systems – everything is now in one platform and available from New Standard Registration (Flex).

Greater functionality

More ways to customize your app and website in ways never before possible.

Simple to build

Straightforward and intuitive creation where one click enables both the Attendee Website and Event App within your Flex event. The related Builder, Settings, and Language Management options are all nested within your event.

More engagement options

Captivate your audience by using Attendee Hub’s engagement features like Live Q&A, Polling, or upvoting a question asked by peers!

Real-time preview

Now get a real time, interactive preview of your Event App. No need to pull out a mobile device to separately review, just preview from Flex.

More modern looking

Give attendees the ultimate professional event experience with an updated app look. No technical expertise required.

Central to Cvent innovation

Attendee Hub is a key building block to supporting your virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.
                As its incorporated into our more modern Flex event reg system, it then also connects you to our next-gen
reporting tools, new Cvent Surveys, and more. All future tech development and innovation will be compatible
with Attendee Hub – so new is the place to be, it’s time to jump on board.

Three easy steps to get started